Education & Training

There are loads of education and training options available to you in Sheffield and the surrounding region. That’s why it’s important to research any decisions you make thoroughly; talk through your decisions with family, friends, teachers and your Personal Adviser.


14-16 Options

If you are still at school you may be thinking about which GCSEs or other qualifictions you would like to take. Head over to our 14-16 Options section for a run down on the subjects that are compulsory and those that you can choose yourself.

You can also download a free copy of the Signpost 2011/12 for Y9s. This guide has loads of information on what options are available to you.


Signpost 2011/12 for Y9s

Post-16 Options

If you have finished Year 11, many other avenues may now be available to you. If you feel that staying in full-time education isn’t right for you, there are work-based learning programmes which help you gain qualifications while you develop skills in the workplace.

Our Post-16 Options section will give you the lowdown.


Download a PDF version of our Options Signpost 2011 booklet for the lowdown on your choices at 16 and beyond.

If you are caring for a young person with learning difficulties or a disability you can download a free PDF version of our My Options guide.

Post-18 Options

Whether you are thinking about going into full-time employment, want to learn part-time or continue studying full-time, there are plenty of options available. Take a look in our Post-18 Options section for more info.


You can also download a free copy of our 18+ Guide to help you make choices about what to do next.

Higher Education

Looking for more info on university and colleges? Head over to our Higher Education section to find out how to apply, how to choose a course and much more.

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