A major factor for you to consider when choosing a course is location. You will need to decide if you are willing to travel or even relocate to a university town or city that offers the best course.

There is no straightforward answer when it comes to making the decision to relocate. Some people decide to stay in their home town and remain within reach of family and friends, while others relish the prospect of embracing a new type of independence.

If you want further information on relocating, call in to Star House Connexions Centre, Sheffield City Centre where you’ll find plenty of guides and resources.

If relocation is not an option at all, the web can help you find a distance-learning course. Many universities now offer convenient distance-learning courses, but perhaps the most well known is the Open University. Or if you are already in the workplace or have other commitments a Foundation Degree could be a good option.

Sheffield Universities & Colleges

If you are looking to study at one of Sheffield’s two universities or Sheffield College, check out their website sections on accommodation for more information:

Sheffield Hallam University
Find out all you need to know about their accommodation services and how to apply.

University of Sheffield

If you want to study at University of Sheffield, find out how to choose and apply for their accommodation

The Sheffield College
If you would like to study at Sheffield College, find out more information by looking through their website.

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