I Am A Professional Wanting Support For A Child Young Person

The CYT referral form is a generic form for all support services offered by the CYTs.  Complete a CYT referral form giving as many details as possible and get both the parent/carer and young person to give consent to work with the CYT by signing the form.

Return the form by email to cyt@sheffield.gov.uk or cyt@sheffield.gcsx.gov.uk or post to the central CYT contact point:

CYT, 3rd Floor Star House, 43 Division Street, Sheffield, S1 4GE.

You might be thinking...

What happens next? The referral will be discussed at a multi-agency CYT allocation meeting.  The meeting will decide which agency is most appropriate to offer the support.  If the young person is eligible for support the young person and the referring professional will be notified and the young person will be contacted by a worker to complete an assessment.

Is there a waiting list?  There can be a waiting list but you will receive a letter to inform you of the status of your referral.

What will happen if it is seen as inappropriate referral?  We will inform you of the reasons and offer suggestions of other services that may offer assistance.

CYT Group Referral Form | 16th June 2015
CYT Professional Referral Form | 16th June 2015
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