Careers Information Resources/Publications

Options 2015

The Options 2015 booklet is a comprehensive guide to the learning opportunities available to young people across Sheffield and surrounding areas.  This resource provides a useful tool for professionals working with students and parents as well as a resource for students themselves.  In addition to learning opportunities, the resource contains information on a range of topics, including student finance, that young people leaving year 11 and their parents will find relevant.

What Could I do With…

Our ‘What could I do with…’ leaflets cover a range of subject areas and can be used by subject teachers and advisers.  These leaflets are designed to help students generate career ideas and to make the connection between their current studies / options choices and future opportunities. 

Other Leaflets

Sheffield Futures also produces a range of other helpful leaflets to support students and parents which will be made available during relevant times of year. 


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