Qualification in advice and guidance

Certificate in Advice and Guidance (Level 3)

This qualification is suitable for those who undertake advice and guidance activities working directly with clients, disseminating information, advice and guidance. Candidate will be working with information that is often interpreted by others, usually working with some clear guidelines.

Course content includes: Role of the Guidance Worker, Interview Skills, Options and Action Planning, Information Handling, Networking and Referral, Self evaluation and Appraisal, Operating within a Code of Practice/Legislation and Procedures. There are 8 training sessions in total plus individual tutorials and observation in the workplace.

To gain full accreditation candidates must achieve a total of 21 credits made up of 12 from the 4 mandatory units and 9 from 3 optional units.

Diploma in Advice and Guidance (Level 4)

This qualification is suitable for experienced individuals who work directly with people - disseminating information, advice, guidance and formal advocacy and who:

Have managerial or training responsibilities

Are creators of information, advice and guidance within the service or practice - either disseminating information themselves or through their organisation in the form of publications

Are dynamic in their dealings with organisations

To gain full accreditation candidates must achieve a total of 37 credits made up of 17 from the 5 mandatory units and 20 from a choice of 22 optional units. In some cases prior attainment of a Level 3 Advice and Guidance qualification may contribute towards the Diploma although a minimum of 19 credits must come from Level 4 units.

Diploma in Career Guidance and Development (Level 6)

The Level 6 Diploma has been specifically designed for those currently working or preparing to work in professional roles providing career guidance and development to clients. It is aimed at those who are required to apply career guidance theories and models to practice in order to support clients to make realistic and informed decisions and plans regarding new learning, training or career planning.

Currently Sheffield Futures is offering the 3 mandatory units required to top-up from a Level 4 Advice and Guidance qualification to the Level 6 Diploma.

The 3 training days are held on Saturdays with additional tutorials and observation in the workplace planned with each participant.

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