Pregnancy and Parenting

If you think you may be pregnant you need to find out as soon as possible so that you don’t cut down your choices. You can speak to your doctor, school nurse or a worker from Sheffield Sexual Health Services or Sheffield Open Doors.

Who can help?

For support around pregnancy and parenting up to age 5.


A teenage parent drop-in on Fridays, 11.00-2.00 pm.
Tel: 0114 275 5309


Care to Learn
For help with childcare costs if you’re a teenage parent in education or training.


Family Lives
Advice and information on parenting plus a free, confidential help line
Tel: 0808 800 2222


'I can still have the odd cigarette, can't I?'
Any smoking during pregnancy is harmful because it means that the baby gets less oxygen. Alcohol is harmful too.

'I can eat for two now, right?'
This just isn’t true. A healthy, well balanced diet is really important because a growing baby will get all its food from the mother. 

'I’ll have to give up my course, won’t I?'
Young mums can and do keep on studying or training! You can get help with paying for childcare from Care to Learn, see next page for more details.

'I love my baby, but I feel so low...'
You can love your baby to pieces and still find it really tough. Don’t try and muddle through on your own; try the places listed above for help.



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