Sexual Health

We’re not here to tell you whether or not to have sex and, if you don't want to do it, that's fine! All we're saying is, whatever you do, make sure you look after yourself.


Who can help?

Sheffield Open Doors
A network of teenage health services all over the city providing  free condoms, free pregnancy testing and screening for chlamydia. Some services also provide contraception/emergency and screenning for STIs (sexually transmitted infections). These services are available in a range of centres, including many secondary schools, colleges, pharmacies and communitiy centres.

Sexual Health Sheffield
Contraception and sexual health services are available through: Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Glossop Road and Central Clinic, Mulberry Street Sheffield City Centre. Youth clinics (under 20) are available at certain times.
Tel: 0114) 305400

A free condom service for young people age 13-19 and living in Sheffield

These services are confidential, however  there are times when workers may have to share information in order to keep you safe. If this happens, the worker will explain who they need to tell and why.


'You can’t get contraception until you’re 16, right?'
A doctor or health worker can give contraceptive treatment if you’re under 16, provided it’s in your best interest. Sheffield Open Doors clinics also give support with contraception and STIs (sexually transmitted infections).


'Isn’t everybody doing it?'
No they're not! Sometimes it may feel that all teenagers are having sex but that just isn’t true. Don’t be pressured into doing it if you don’t want to. 

'Aren’t condoms expensive?'
You can get free condoms through Sheffield Open Doors Service

'STIs aren’t srious, are they?'
Most sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are treatable but some people don’t recognise the symptoms and pass them on without realising. Without treatment, some STIs can make you infertile. Condoms are the only contraception that protect against STIs (including HIV - the virus that causes Aids).

'Emergency contraception only works the morning after, right?'
The emergency contraceptive pill can be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. The emergency coil can be fitted up to 5 days afterwards but the sooner you act the better.

'Talking to my friends helps!'
That’s great but, if it’s information you need, be careful – do they really know any more than you? 

'Talk to mum and dad - are you kidding?!
Seriously – your parents or carers do know about sex too! You may feel there’s no way you can talk to them about it but have you tried? 



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