Work & Work-based Learning


If the Apprenticeship is a job (employed status) it pays a wage which is usually £80 a week.

If the Apprenticeship is not a job (sometimes called ‘programme led’) you may receive the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).

For more details on Apprenticeships visit:

LSC Directions

Entry to Employment (e2e)

If you are aged 16-18 year-olds and don’t feel ready for the world of work then e2e could help.

• From April 1st 2008, all young people on e2e will receive the full, £30 Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) plus bonuses

For more details check the EMA website or call 0808 1016 219

Help with childcare costs

There is help from the Care to Learn fund. See our main Funding section for more information.


• What you’ll earn will vary between employers
• The National Minimum Wage £3.53 at age 16-17 but doesn’t apply if you are on a work-based learning course
• You will start paying National Insurance once you earn £100 or more per week

These rates usually change in April or October – check the HMRC or BERR websites for more information.

If your teenager is staying in full time education see the Money for Further Education section.

Job Seekers Allowance

Normally, you can’t claim Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) until you are 18. However:
• You can receive JSA for a short time in certain circumstances (known as ‘Hardship’) – normally if you cannot live at home or if your parents / carers are on a low income
• To start making a claim you need to visit your nearest Connexions Centre

Income Support

You may be able to claim Income Support at age 16 if:
• You are unable to work (e.g. if you are sick or a lone parent)
• You are in full time education and estranged from your parents / carers

Registering for work and claiming benefits

If you leave school and don’t have a job or a place at college / sixth form / work based learning, you should register at your local Connexions Centre. The official school leaving date for 2009 is Friday 26 June.

For more details about benefits

Contact your local Department for Work and Pensions or Job Centre Plus

Sheffield Jobcentre Plus
0845 606 0234

Benefit Enquiry Line
0800 882 200
(For people with disabilities or their parents / carers)

Information about money matters can change. Your Personal Adviser will have details, or check the website

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