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It may seem like second nature to chat with people on the internet or send texts from your mobile, but you could be taking a risk by sharing personal details with a stranger. The following tips will help to keep you safe whilst you have fun:

The Internet
  • Never give out personal details over the internet (e.g. in chat rooms, blogs or social networking sites like Facebook and Bebo)
  • Don’t arrange to meet people you have met over the internet without first telling your parent or carer
  • If you like playing online games, try to be polite to other players over the mic or in chat rooms. Treat others as you would want to be treated.
  • Being aggressive or unkind to people on the internet is often called Cyber Bullying. If you think you are being bullied, tell a parent or carer, or report the bully (most online games have a ‘grief’ feature where you can flag up bad behaviour)
  • Make a note of your mobile IMEI number. This can be found on the box the phone came in, on your contract, on a label behind the phones battery or by keying in *#06#.
  • You can then register your phone for free on the Immobilise website. This database lets the police know you are the rightful owner
  • Teach your parent/carer to text so that he/she doesn’t always have to call you
  • Set your phone to vibrate or discreet so you are not a target for phone thieves. Don’t walk while you talk or text, so you are aware of what’s going on around you. Avoid using your phone when you are near bus/train/tram stops.
  • Remember, you can still dial 999 even if you have no credit
  • You can call 100 in a phone box to reverse the charges, so if your phone is out of action you can still call home.

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