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The Sheffield Futures team

Senior Leadership Team

Karen Challis

Chief Executive Officer

Viky Mercer

Head of Delivery and Development

Ruth Parker

Head of People and Resources

Board of Trustees

Chris Humphreys

Partner Tax, BHP Chartered Accountants

Heidi Cheung

Director of Placement Learning, Sheffield Hallam University

Karen Ball

Director of Operations for the Faculty of Social Sciences, The University of Sheffield

Liz Howard

Professional Officer, British Association of Social Workers (BASW) England

Luke Clewes

IT Systems Officer

Sue Wood

HR Consultant, Sheffield City Council

Vina Khan

Bursar and Registrar, Westbourne School

Angela Foulkes

Principal/CEO, The Sheffield College

I’m disappointed with my A Level results… what’s next?

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because your A Level results aren’t as good as you'd hoped. It’s hard to take and, after such a long, stressful wait, you’re bound to feel disappointed. But it’s not over yet.

How to stay mentally well during coronavirus lockdowns

Chris, from our Door43 team, takes a look at his own experience of the lockdown period and how he’s managed to turn a negative situation into a positive one to use the time more proactively and stay emotionally well.

Exams update for young people in Sheffield: 19th January 2021

Our careers team gives an update on the plans for GCSEs, A Levels, AS Levels, vocational and technical qualifications this year.