Future Shapers give young people an Xtra Push

Future Shapers give young people an Xtra Push

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Students participating in the Future Shapers programme have successfully completed Xtra Push – a fun-filled personal development training programme aimed at helping young people to gain confidence, assertiveness, control and show commitment.

Associate Leader, Yasmin Celik said: “Xtra Push has been a very positive programme for our students and we’re very happy to celebrate the success of Future Shapers at Chaucer. It really is a fantastic programme for young people and I’m so happy that everyone is fully engaging with it.”

Sheffield Futures runs the Future Shapers programme where all participants have their own Mentor who tailors support to meet their needs. This could be to gain confidence, attend extra-curricular activities, improve attendance, gain qualifications, socialise with other young people, search for employment and much more.

Future Shapers Mentors deliver Xtra Push to students on the programme. The course gives young people a chance to seize opportunities, build resilience and motivate personal change.

Chaucer Students have enjoyed Xtra Push, Kayleigh Stanton and Megan Allott said: “I liked the teamwork sessions and games.”

Y10 Student Charlie Drayton said: “I really liked Xtra Push, the course was eye-opening and it has really helped me with my team-work and confidence. It has also made me realise what I would like to do when I leave school.”

Assistant Head Teacher Gemma Furness said: “They were all so much calmer after the sessions.“ Y10 Manager Alison Scholey, agreed and said: “I think it’s helped with their self confidence, I’ve seen a real difference.”




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