Fire Safety Quiz

Fire Safety Quiz

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Welcome to your Fire Safety Quiz

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Where should smoke detectors be fitted?
If there is a fire in your house, what should you do?
What colour are most fire extinguishers in Europe?
Which is missing from this fire triangle - 'heat, oxygen and _______'?
Do you need money to call the fire brigade?
Do you think it is safe to leave a TV on overnight?
Which areas of the house should you not fit a smoke alarm?
What is the most effective way of preventing smoke from spreading inside a house?
You have burnt your hand, what should you do?
How often should I change the batteries in my smoke detector?
How often should you check the batteries in smoke alarms?
What should you do if your clothes catch fire?
What should I do if my cat is trapped in a fire?
What should I do if my frying pan catches fire?

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