A Day in the Life of a Youth Worker – Ellie’s Story

A Day in the Life of a Youth Worker – Ellie’s Story

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First things first I think it’s fair to say that no two days in the life of a youth worker are the same.

The practical side of a day in the life consists of a bit of paperwork and admin to ensure that records and outcomes are up to date, but the meaningful part and the reason that we all do what we do changes not only day to day or hour by hour, but young person to young person and the tell-tale sign of a good youth worker means that their approach will changes to ensure that each young person’s needs are being met in that instant.

Those needs will vary; and you will find yourself giving emotional support in relation to various issues, to giving practical support in terms of looking at education post 16, or strategies to cope with mental health in an instant. Your support will take the form of 1:1 sessions with more vulnerable young people, to group work sessions around different curriculum topics within a youth club setting as well as becoming an expert pool and table tennis player to ensure that each young person’s experience of being youth worked is a positive one. You will even find yourself walking the streets in the cold and rain, trying to find out why young people would rather be there, than in a safe, dry environment like a youth club.

You will find yourself managing behaviour and diffusing conflict between friendship groups and relationships within a youth centre as well as making sure that equipment and the building are suitable for the young people you are working with at that time, and finally you will find yourself rapidly becoming a Masterchef as a sure fire way of engaging young people is through their belly.

In short a youth worker is truly a Jack of all trades and master of ALL, each day youth workers must be prepared to think on their feet and make split second decisions with the interests of each young person at heart, as it is their privilege to be a part of that young person’s transition from childhood to adulthood and be a positive role model and supporting influence that will be remembered by each young person they have worked with long after they have reached adulthood.

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