Designing the Future: Migration

Young people in Sheffield work towards solving some of the major issues in the world.

Designing the Future: Migration

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These blog posts were collated by Sheffield Futures staff, based entirely on ideas from a range of young people in Sheffield at our ‘Designing the Future’ workshop, where we asked them to discuss various topics, identify the key issues and come up with potential solutions. We strive to give a voice to all young people, so all of their points of view have been included. 


One of the main issues with migration is the public perception of immigrants. The mainstream media tends to publish a divisive rhetoric which preaches negativity for publicity.

There are many complex economic implications to immigration policies – they affects the job market, housing, healthcare, education and many more things. Finding solutions to these issues doesn’t seem to be the focus of society – despite globalisation bringing everyone in the world closer, many would rather stop people coming into the country altogether.



Politicians should be lobbying for successful working migrants to gain citizenship. Young people should be educated on the practical and economic implications surrounding immigration so they are not so easily swayed by speculation based on stereotypes. In order to engage young people with such issues, the Department for Education should periodically release relevant, up-to-date learning resources and lesson plans that present balanced arguments for both sides, to be used by teachers across the country. Schools should invite visitors of various nationalities to speak to their pupils, showing the benefits of cultural diversity and of accepting people into the UK.

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