Sheffield Vision for Young People

Sheffield Vision for Young People

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Young people lead on creating their vision for Sheffield being launched, in partnership with Children and Young People’s Partnership Network (CYPPN). At a time of political uncertainty one thing is coming through strongly: that our children and young people care deeply about our city and country; and they have a huge amount to offer. Their success will generate economic growth, prosperity, and the lives they lead will generate a fair, inclusive and welcoming society. But young people today are growing up in the context of public funding cuts, increasing demand on services, and a changing environment driven by social media.

The Vision is simple: that everyone has the opportunities they need to enjoy their childhood and prepare for adult life as active members of their communities. CYPPN worked together with young people to understand the concerns, interests, hopes and aspirations that influence and inspire them. Sara Gowen from Sheffield Young Carers, co-chair of CYPPN, said: “the Vision puts young people at its heart. We will only achieve lasting change if we all work together with young people”.

Now more than ever we need to invest in our young people. As a city Sheffield is already facing challenges and is fragmented, with youth unemployment at above national average at 24.3%; 5.2% of teenagers are not in education, employment or training and a quarter of children in Sheffield were recorded as living in poverty. It is particularly important that we come together to listen to young people’s needs as community groups step in to make up for the shortfall in provision left as the Council allocates less funding for youth services. The voluntary sector makes a significant contribution to enhancing people’s lives and it is keen to work closely across all sectors to develop a shared plan for Sheffield. This Vision is just the start.

We understand the importance for every young person’s future of equipping them with the skills, experience and confidence they need to succeed. As a city we need to draw on the talents of every young person. Lesley Pollard from Children and Young People’s Empowerment, co-chair of CYPPN, said “we need to give young people a strong message that we value their contribution and care that they have every opportunity to succeed. Now more than ever that message of value matters – it is young people who form our future city”.

The full strategy can be downloaded from the VAS website, including the 7 outcomes young people in the city should expect for themselves, their family and friends.

How you can help

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