From Talent Match clients to Sheffield Futures employees: Our new involvement workers’ video diaries launched

Video diaries

From Talent Match clients to Sheffield Futures employees: Our new involvement workers’ video diaries launched

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Our new involvement workers have kicked off their new jobs and will be documenting their experiences including the highs and lows of their first few weeks as a video diary.

As ex Talent Match clients who were successful in securing employment in these posts we are really keen to track the realities of their experiences coming into new employment to inspire other young people to have confidence and achieve their education, employment or training ambitions and ultimately shape positive futures for themselves.

Jennifer Upperdine, Talent Match Young People’s Involvement Team Leader said: “These roles were specifically for young people who have participated in the Talent Match programme and this will be their first job in their professional careers, which is very exciting for us all!”

‘The road ahead can sometimes seem daunting but it’s always surprising what you can actually do when you put your mind to it. I wanted to share my experiences to show that even if something seems really daunting, there is always a way through and people are there to support you.’ Says Mabz Beet, Talent Match Involvement Support Worker.

For the next few weeks our new involvement workers will post their latest diary which will document their experiences in the new role.

You can watch the videos here and check them out and share with other young people and supporters via social media.

The workers will form a new team who will be responsible for ensuring involvement of young people within the Talent Match programme as well as becoming mentors to provide additional support for Talent Match clients. The team will be based on the first floor in the Participation Development Team for two days a week and the rest of the week will be spent working across the Sheffield City Region supporting the Talent Match coaching organisations.

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