My Money Diary

My Money Diary

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I kept a money diary for the first week in January and I wanted to share the results below. A money diary is a great way to keep a track of what you’re spending money on. You’ll see that I spend most of my money on food, but also that bills don’t stop coming in just because it’s Christmas (unfortunately!) If you want to find out more about how to save money, how to get better at handling money, you can book on to one of our Money Masterclasses on this link!

The first thing I noticed about keeping a money diary is that it’s really hard to remember to note down every single time you spend money. It’s so easy to swipe your card, especially now you don’t need to enter a PIN number, and not give it a second thought. 

Something that was really helpful for this money diary was my mobile banking app. Through this, I can keep a track of all my transactions, including pending transactions (this is when I’ve bought something, but my bank card hasn’t changed hands, so when I’ve bought something online for instance.)

I also realised that if I planned in advance, prepared meals from home instead of buying something from the local shop, then I could go for days without spending money. Have you tried a money diary? If you did, please let us know how you got on, or even submit it for us to publish here and share your experience.

Monday 1st January

It’s New Year’s Day so I go for a walk to blow the cobwebs away after a Christmas spent eating and drinking. We eat breakfast at home and head out in the car to Derbyshire, where we’re almost blown away by very strong winds! After the walk, we go to our local pub for much-needed a pie (£9.50) and a pint (£3)

Tuesday 2nd January

It’s my final day of the Christmas holidays, so I start preparing to go back to work by splitting a big supermarket shop with my boyfriend (£40) but then, typical me, I realised there were other things I needed that I hadn’t purchased online and needed, so I popped to the local shop for cotton wool pads, cold and flu tablets, almond milk and some fruit to take to work (£7.73)

Wednesday 3rd January

It’s my first day at work in 2018! I walk to work and take my lunch, so I don’t spend any money at all!

Thursday 4th January

I’m quite pleased with myself for spending nothing on Wednesday and decide to do the same on Thursday. I take some homemade soup for my lunch and walk to work and back. After spending a week on the sofa over the festive break, it feels good to be walking to work and back, getting fit and saving money at the same time!

Friday 5th January

On Friday lunchtime, I decide to go to the cinema straight from work. As it was a spontaneous decision, I hadn’t prepared any food for dinner, so I had to go to the supermarket and grab something to eat. I ended up with a pasta salad (£1.80) and a bottle of water (£1). After the cinema, I catch the bus home (£1.50) because it’s late and I don’t want to walk home in the cold! On the bus, I realise I haven’t paid my share of the water bill (£30) so I pay the money via an app on my phone.

Saturday 6th January

After a hectic week, we have a quiet weekend and don’t leave the house too much. Our online shopping arrived and we have everything we need in the house.

Sunday 7th January

On Sunday I pop to the shop to buy some crunchy bread (£1.60) to go with a lentil soup we’ve made for lunch (it was delicious!)


TOTAL: £96.13

I’m quite shocked by this as I thought it had been a relatively quiet week where I hadn’t spent much. I’ll continue to keep a money diary and see where I could be making savings in future!

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