Case study: Talent Match makes dream come true for train enthusiast Toby

Case study: Talent Match makes dream come true for train enthusiast Toby

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Toby, 15, from Doncaster has a life-long passion for trains demonstrated through his work at a specialist models shop and his passion for selling train models online. With a range of additional needs relating to Autism Toby, a Talent Match (TM) client supported by the Princes Trust under Groundwork struggled to gain meaningful employment but with the support of the dedicated Talent Match team has secured the job of his dreams.

After a successful start which involved working with the Talent Match team to secure a position, things took a turn for the worse for Toby and unfortunately he found himself out of work again.

‘I was really disappointed when my first position didn’t work out and I don’t know where I would have been without the Talent Match team to support me in getting me back into work.’ Says Toby.

Testament to the benefits of successful multi-agency working with the Princes Trust and Groundwork as well as a fantastic performance from Toby at interview, the Talent Match team worked with Toby to identify a new placement at Virgin Trains.

Virgin have agreed to accept Toby onto a 9 week work placement with them which will involve some amazing opportunities including a cab ride with a driver and a number of exciting opportunities to attend events such as the Great Exhibition of the North in Newcastle where he will be provided with accommodation and first class travel.

Commenting on the opportunity Toby says. ‘I’m so excited about getting the opportunity to get an insight into the rail industry at Virgin Trains. It’s just fantastic. Not only will I be earning money but I’ll be working in an industry that I have a real passion for and will also have access to some brilliant experiences. I can’t wait to go to the Great North Exhibition in Newcastle. I’ve never been to Newcastle before! It’s just brilliant and I’m so excited about starting my induction with Virgin.’

Talent Match SCR, funded by the Big Lottery aims to guide young people 18-24 who have been Not in Education Employment or Training (NEET) for 12 months or more to move closer to employment.


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