Introducing pro Boxer Muma Mweemba as our new ambassador

Introducing pro Boxer Muma Mweemba as our new ambassador

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Professional Boxer Muma Mweemba is on board here at Sheffield Futures as one of our new ambassadors. Passionate about Boxing’s ability to give young people an aim and a purpose, Muma has come forward to offer his precious time and money earned through boxing to help us connect with young people that may benefit.

‘In my personal experience, Boxing is a brilliant sport for increasing confidence and self-esteem in young people as well as developing social and communication skills.’ says Muma.

‘I see evidence of the benefits of Boxing for young people all the time. Young people who have often come from really unstable and difficult situations, who get so much focus, drive and ambition from Boxing. It gives you a focus and it’s so good for physical and mental health, social skills, developing techniques for self control and it’s a sport accessible to everyone.’ he continues.

We’re really pleased to have someone as motivated and inspiring as Muma on board as one of our ambassadors.

Our ambassadors play a fundamental role in raising awareness and support for our charity and the services we provide for young people across the region. They also play a role in inspiring our young people to make positive life changes.

Whatever your background, if you feel like you have life experience, skills or a position that may help us to engage young people with our services, make valuable connections with funders and decision makers or help to raise our profile in the region then please do get in touch.


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