Volunteer Week – Michael’s Story

Volunteer Week – Michael’s Story

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It’s the last day of Volunteer Week 2018 and our last chance to celebrate and share the fantastic work that volunteers do for Sheffield Futures. From supporting young people in our youth clubs, to helping adults in the Job Shop, to chatting with the group that attend our Well Being Cafe, to fundraising, our volunteers graciously give their time, effort, energy and more! We couldn’t do it without you, so thank you!

Throughout this week, we’ve been sharing the personal stories from our volunteers, letting you know how they got involved, who they help and who’s benefited!

On the last day, we have Michael’s story to share with you. Michael is a volunteer at All Saints Youth Club. Since he began, he’s got stuck in and very much involved. This is his story…

I have been volunteering for just under half a year with Sheffield Futures at All Saints youth club. Previously, I was volunteering with Burngreave library, which caters to the whole community and includes activities specifically aimed at youth groups, like games clubs, homework clubs and also events, such as World Book Day, which focuses on young readers.

However, I was looking to focus on working solely with young people, so found out about Sheffield Futures and had an informal interview to see if they had a suitable volunteer position in the Burngreave area.

Luckily, Sheffield Futures does have a nearby youth club, All Saints, where I’ve been helping out weekly. We work in a relaxed atmosphere and play sports, like table tennis, basketball and pool, as well as computer games. I have been able to get to know the young people in the area and like being able to chat about anything they wish! 

There has been a string of crimes in the area over the last year and I believe youth clubs, such as All Saints, play an important role in reducing anti-social behaviour amongst young people, creating a sense of community instead of alienation. 

I am glad I have taken this opportunity to support the local community and hope to continue to work with young people. I would recommend to anyone with an interest in working with youth in Sheffield to contact Sheffield Futures, as they provide all the support required, regardless of previous youth work experience, to allow you to feel confident in working in this field!


If you want to make a difference and get involved with volunteering, you can find all our opportunities here!

Thank you for reading our amazing stories from our very own volunteers this week. We’re proud and honoured to have such a great volunteer team supporting us all the way! To anyone who’s interested in volunteering then we recommend just getting stuck in! It’s fun, beneficial and very rewarding!

Happy Volunteers Week!

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