What it takes to succeed in digital marketing – by Evoluted

What it takes to succeed in digital marketing – by Evoluted

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Blog from our friends at Evoluted.

If you’re coming to the end of your studies and you’re starting to think about your career path, digital marketing could be a fantastic option.

Naturally, you’ll need to have skills relevant to the industry to work within it, but you might already possess these without having considered applying them in the digital sphere.

The digital marketing team at Sheffield-based digital agency Evoluted – who specialise in SEO, PPC and more – have put together the following video to help offer some more insight:

As the Evoluted team alludes to in the video, lots of the skills you need to excel in digital marketing are relevant across multiple industry disciplines:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Understanding how and why data should be used to influence decisions
  • Willingness to learn and apply new software skills
  • An ability to deliver results independently and as part of a team
  • Adaptability and being able to apply yourself across multiple business areas

In addition, passion and a natural flair for the job you want to do can also be priceless.

What Can You Do to Give Yourself a Head Start?

People come into digital marketing from a variety of backgrounds. Examples include:

  • A university degree such as Marketing, Business, Journalism or English
  • A college apprenticeship
  • Time spent running their own e-commerce business

Whilst qualifications are undeniably important, they are not the only thing employers look at when considering applicants. If you’ve run your own business on the side for example, or you’ve undertaken a relevant and fulfilling placement, these factors could prove equally vital to you being hired.

Essentially, anything you can do to improve your knowledge and understanding will do your chances the world of good.

Push hard for placement opportunities to set yourself apart from other applicants when it comes to the time to apply. Or, if you have a solid business or blog project idea, set up your own website and try to achieve strong results.

Some Reasons Why Digital Marketing Makes A Great Career Choice

With a career in the digital marketing industry, you’ll never need to feel boxed into one role. You can gravitate towards an area that suits you the best.

A natural flair for writing might lead you into a content-centric role for example. Or, an outstanding understanding of data could lead you into a PPC role. Alternatively, great communication skills could see you fulfil an outreach position. The options are vast.

No matter the role you decide to apply for, you’ll be entering what is a challenging, fulfilling and ever-evolving industry.

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