Youth Work Week 2018: Lucy Ruck

Youth Work Week 2018: Lucy Ruck

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It’s Youth Work Week this week and to continue our celebration of the varied ways our youth workers help young people from across the city, today we’re profiling Lucy Ruck, a youth worker in our Community Youth Team in the West of the city.

As you’ll have seen from these profiles, the roles are varied, but all focus on providing a holistic approach to stabilising the lives of some of our most vulnerable young people.

Case Study: How youth work can help support our most vulnerable young people

This case study tells the story of how collaboration between our specialist youth workers and targeted youth support workers can create sustained positive outcomes for vulnerable young people.

Katy had multiple barriers to learning, significant previous difficulties sustaining progress in education and training and was very unsettled emotionally and socially with an unstable home life.

Sheffield Futures youth worker, Ayesha had been working really hard to establish a positive relationship with Katy however she felt that support with education, employment and training would be really useful and set it up so joint specialist workers Ayesha and Lucy met with Katy together initially.

‘This went well, we got to know Katy’s hopes wishes and aspirations as well as trying to gain a more thorough understanding of her background, any learning needs and a holistic overview to inform the best choice of options.’ Says Lucy Ruck, Targeted Youth Support worker at Sheffield Futures.

‘Whilst the young person was saying that she wanted a “job” it was clear that she wasn’t job ready and whilst we encouraged her by updating her CV and giving ideas around job search I also talked to her about a wide range of options available including traineeships and other stepping stone courses.’ Lucy continues.

As a result, the joint effort resulted in appointments being made for two courses. ‘Katy needed a great deal of encouragement, phone calls, texts and e-mails as well as supporting to prepare and attend these interviews. This included engaging other agencies such as her social worker and advocating for support which was successful.’ Lucy says.

‘We both agreed that recognising the fine balance between encouraging Katy to be independent and responsible while at the same time supporting her to overcome her significant lack of confidence and the anxiety based upon previous negative experiences of education was essential.’

With much support (including wake up phone calls!) Katy started a four week course with the Princes Trust which she stayed on and passed! ‘She and we were delighted! It was clear that Katy had grown in confidence through this journey and it has given her a positive, consistent and sustained experience that will take her forward to a positive future.’

‘This is why we do this job, to see outcomes like this and it’s always so satisfying to be able to work collaboratively, pooling all of our skills and expertise to fight a young person’s corner and see them on a positive path.’ Says Lucy.

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