Youth work matters: Shout about your successes

Youth work matters: Shout about your successes

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It’s increasingly important that we demonstrate what we do well to encourage young people in need to use our services, demonstrate our worth & expertise to potential funders, corporate partners & decision makers, raise our profile locally to drive fundraising efforts and to encourage collaboration with external partners to help us meet our targets. You are the ones delivering all the great outcomes for young people and we need to shout about these for the reasons above.

You told us that time is an issue for you and that you rightly need to focus on the day job, so telling us about your great work often falls off the list. That’s why we’ve developed a toolkit to help you and the young people you work with deliver information, photographs, video and case studies in a way that gets us what we need but isn’t onerous. We’re also keen to give the young people you work with the opportunity to demonstrate their positive experiences with Sheffield Futures through photo and video sharing. This was an idea floated by you in the East team meeting and we loved it! It might be young people in a youth club environment wanting to document what they’re up to or young people on a trip or at a Sheffield Futures event, whatever it is this will put the camera in the hands of young people and let them tell their story the way they want it told. We plan to use the Snapchat platform and you will find more details about what we need you to do to introduce this to young people within this toolkit.

What’s included within the Toolkit?

• Case study template: A quick and easy case study template that will capture all the information we will need from you in order to develop case studies that demonstrate specific examples of how you have helped a young person or young people. You can fill one in in minutes and email it to us or drop it in to us at Star House.

• Snapchat as a photo and video messaging tool for young people: Introduction & your role

• Posters encouraging young people to capture their experiences: Please put these posters and cards up and encourage young people to get involved and help us share all the great work you’re doing.

• Contact details sheet

• Social media poster: All of our social media links for young people to follow! Please put these posters up in your youth clubs and encourage young people to get involved.

A note on consent forms.

It’s obviously important that all young people that intend to get involved with this are covered by a consent form so please make sure these have been collected and recorded on CORE+ or wherever you record your data. Thanks for all your help with this so far we’re really looking forward to working together on this. Gail and the Marketing & Communications team

You can access a copy of the toolkit on our Shared Resources (S) drive here  S:\4. Shared Resources\4.16 Branding, Marketing and Communications\Communications Toolkit


How you can help

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