Exam season 2019: Top tips from Door 43 on managing exam stress

Exam season 2019: Top tips from Door 43 on managing exam stress

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We’re fully into exam season with Sheffield’s young people taking SATs, GCSEs and A levels over the coming weeks. That’s why our Door 43 emotional health and wellbeing workers have put together their top tips for young people sitting their exams this year.

Taking exams can be a real trigger for stress in young people who without the strategies to effectively deal with stress can find themselves becoming completely unable to focus, take in the information when revising and ultimately do themselves justice in the exam hall.

How to spot the signs that a young person isn’t dealing well with exam stress

‘If your child seems worried, tense and is getting headaches or tummy pains, isn’t sleeping and is more irritable than usual these can be signs that productive pressure is turning into negative stress.’ says Rochelle Lowe, Health & Wellbeing Practitioner at Door 43.

‘They may also lose interest in food or eat more than normal or seem disinterested in activities they usually enjoy, or just seem negative and low in their mood.’ Rochelle continues.

‘If you’re a parent or carer it’s important to spot these signs so you can intervene and support them and help to keep things in perspective.’

Top tips for young people to help deal with exam stress

  1. Create a revision timetable, that includes regular comfort breaks
  2. As part of this, prioritise the subjects you feel less confident in but make sure your plan covers all subjects
  3. Remove distractions such as mobile phones/tablets/ games consoles
  4. Get regular exercise even if it’s a walk around the house/garden and some fresh air
  5. Eat healthy snacks and drink plenty of water
  6. Avoid social media to stop procrastinating
  7. Recognise if you’re over doing it, if you begin to feel stressed or anxious take a break
  8. On the day of the exam don’t try to cram
  9. Make sure you have a healthy breakfast, even if all you can manage is a banana & plenty of water
  10. Remember once you’re in the exam hall, don’t panic. If you feel overwhelmed take deep breaths and re-focus
  11. Once the exam is finished and you’re out of the exam hall, don’t go away and obsess about things you can’t change, for example working out your mark. Look forwards, focus on the next exam or celebrate that you have one less exam to do!

About Door 43

Door43 offers Sheffield’s 13 – 25 year olds support on a range of social, emotional, practical and health related issues.

Door43 at Sheffield Futures on Division Street is staffed by youth workers, counsellors, substance misuse workers, sexual health workers, careers advisors, volunteers as well as peer supporters.

Young people can drop in at Door43, Sheffield Futures, Division Street. Wednesday 11-4pm. For other times please call 0114 201 2800.

You can find out more about the activities and workshops on offer on the Sheffield Futures website www.sheffieldfutures.org.uk/i-need-help/door43/

We also run a social prescribing service for young people aged 13-25. Much like going to the GP for a prescription if you’re physically ill, we can work with you to prescribe activities, services and practical support that can help with a range of issues you may be facing such as:

  • Loneliness and isolation: We can help you to make new friends or find groups to make connections with others through activities you’re interested in
  • Difficulty accessing housing, education or employment: We can provide practical support to make housing applications, coach you to understand opportunities for further education or with getting back into work
  • Low confidence, mood, wellbeing: We can support you to find ways to build confidence, improve mood and boost wellbeing and tackle any underlying issues you may have

If you know a young person or young people that you feel may benefit from the service you can refer them to the service by calling 0114 201 2774.

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