Youth Work Week 2019 blog: Experiencing positive health and wellbeing

Youth Work Week 2019 blog: Experiencing positive health and wellbeing

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Aaron Daniels is a Youth Work Team Leader at Sheffield Futures. As part of Aaron’s role, he delivers Youth Sheffield in the West of the city. Youth Sheffield is Sheffield’s city wide youth service. Youth Sheffield provides safe spaces where young people can feel comfortable and confident and take part in enriching activities, keeping them safe and supported to make the most of their lives. For today’s #YWW19 theme, Aaron talks about how Sheffield Futures works to ensure young people in Sheffield experience positive health and wellbeing.

Health and wellbeing issues are on the rise nationally and the issues are well documented, with issues and struggles such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and social isolation a common complaint for our young people.

A good way to think about our youth clubs is that they are a gateway for support. Youth clubs provide a platform for young people to engage in activities that have a positive effect on their health and well-being. Young people engage in a variety of activities that cover curriculum themes that include sports, arts and media and life skills. Youth workers frequently consult with young people to ensure that their needs are being met and their ideas are being valued. The stimulating and interactive nature of these activities encourages young people to socialise with others and strengthen their friendship groups.  Throughout the youth work process of relationship and trust building young people often feel able to speak about concerns or issues that are affecting their well-being.

A youth club offers a safe and confidential place for young people to talk, a fun and interactive environment where young people can make new friends and we provide opportunities for young people to take part in half term activities such as travelling outside of the city, meeting new people and exploring future aspirations.  Youth workers are able to listen to concerns around well-being and if appropriate signpost or make referrals to more specialist areas of support.

If we cannot offer the right support directly in our clubs and we identify a need, we enable young people to access the specialist support we have on offer at Sheffield Futures and through our network of partners for example, help with substance mis-use, sexual health, one to one support to get young people back on track, support to give young people a voice and emotional and wellbeing support through our Door 43 service.

If you or a young person you know is experiencing any of the issues mentioned here and would benefit from support please reach out to Sheffield Futures. Tel 0114 2012800 or [email protected]

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