Door 43 wellbeing blog: Setting goals and staying motivated to feel good!

Door 43 wellbeing blog: Setting goals and staying motivated to feel good!

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In these blogs our Door 43 team provide wise words and support to help young people manage emotional health and wellbeing during this difficult time. Be sure to look out for these blogs on the Sheffield Futures website and our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels along with information about how to access our new online service delivery channels as they develop.  

This week our wellbeing worker Rochelle talks about ways to stay motivated, positive and grateful during lockdown. 

Hi everyone its Rochelle here from Door 43. This week I am going to be sharing with you an open and honest account of how lockdown is going for me and how I am trying to stay motivated, positive and grateful.

A few weeks ago on our Door 43 Instagram account (door43_) I discussed how learning a new skill and setting goals for our time in lockdown could be a good way of staying motivated whilst at home. My personal weekly goal was to make a cake and I can happily share that I have successfully baked and decorated a weekly cake (although I did have a little help) and I feel proud I was able to reach my goal.

Creating weekly goals can be a really great way to stay focussed. They give you something to work towards as well as provide a sense of direction which is so important for our wellbeing – especially in times of uncertainty. You could set yourself a SMART goal for each week or fortnight depending on what it is you want to achieve. What is a SMART goal you may ask? SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely and these things are good to think about when deciding on what your goal is going to be.

Research suggests goals that are specific have a greater chance of being achieved. If I’d decided to ‘do some baking’ for example, this would be too vague and I’d never have gained the sense of achievement so instead I decided to ‘bake a cake weekly.’

Ensure your goal is measurable so you can monitor your progress and recognise when you have achieved your goal. To use the latter example, I said I’d do one cake a week, so that’s nice and measurable whereas if I’d said I’d do ‘some baking’ I’d never know when I had reached my goal and wouldn’t have got the sense of accomplishment that comes with this.

Is your goal achievable? Is it something that is is in your power to achieve or will it rely on other people or other things being in place? Thinking about the cake again, are you going to be able to put time aside to make and decorate it without interruption for example? Or do you need to make arrangements to ensure you have this ‘me’ time? Be realistic, is your goal something you have the practical resources to meet? For example, baking equipment and time to achieve this goal?

Lastly, the goal needs to be time-bound – with a start and an end date – this will give you a sense of direction and will help you to feel organised. You could say, I’ve put aside three hours on a specific day to bake and decorate a cake. I know this is achievable and realistic as I’ve made sure I have this time to myself to make it happen and I have all the equipment I need.

When I set myself the goal to make and decorate a cake, I considered all of these points, and it helped me to not only stay focused but it also helped me push myself to create the best cake I could. You can set goals for anything that is personal to you. Try and make it something that you are interested in and enjoy because that’s half of the fun!

However guys, what is equally as important as setting goals is the acceptance that sometimes we just lack motivation and that is OK!  Whilst scrolling through your social media feeds you may see others looking like they are bossing isolation, and it may feel like there is a lot of pressure for ‘self-improvement’ at this time! I for one definitely feel this way, and in turn this can lead you to feel even less inspired to try something new! Each day is a new day, and a fresh start- remember keep your goals SMART and don’t compare yourself to others especially not on social media where things are definitely not as they may seem! This time isn’t about making a new you, it’s about the potential to learn something new.

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