Door 43 wellbeing blog: How to be active during lockdown

Door 43 wellbeing blog: How to be active during lockdown

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In these blogs our Door 43 team provide wise words and support to help young people manage emotional health and wellbeing during this difficult time. Be sure to look out for these blogs on the Sheffield Futures website and our TwitterFacebook and Instagram channels. 

This week Christos explores ideas to help you stay physically active during lockdown.

Hey everyone, it’s Christos here from Door43. I’m one of the Social Prescribing Link Workers and today I’m going to be exploring ideas to help you be active during lockdown. Although the gyms are closed and we’re limited to non-contact activities, let’s be positive that we’re no longer confined to one daily trip outside.

For many of us we may have become accustomed to spending significantly more time than usual sat around at home not really doing much… inactive, bored, lethargic, bloated from all the eating and snacking… does any of this sound familiar? If so then why not consider ways to change this. Now more than ever, a healthy daily routine is essential! This period we’re going through isn’t going to last forever. There will come a point when we’re no longer advised stay at home and restricted by the rules of lockdown. So during this time don’t let yourself slip into poor habits and unhealthy daily routines! I can assure you it will just make things even more difficult to return to some sort of ‘normality’ when this is over!

It is safe to say that lockdown has affected my daily routine in many ways. Usually I would have been walking to and from work, playing football throughout the week and also attending a gym on a regular basis. But I have since been restricted to a desk and laptop during my working days. So, I thought, what can I do to stay active? I have replaced football with regular walks around my local area and bike rides along the canal. I have replaced attending my local gym by performing home workout routines in my living room and garden. I have even set myself hourly reminders on my phone while I am working to encourage myself to get up from my chair and perform an activity such as press-ups. Believe me; if you want to get better at press-ups then give this a go! From all this I’ve now seen parts of my local community I never knew existed and I have found a new interest in exercise workouts that require no gym equipment at all. So I guess positivity can still be achieved despite everything going on in the world right now.

You might have been thinking what exercise can I do? I have no equipment, no space, no motivation, no idea. Well I’ll tell you this, there’s lots you can be doing! Whether you take the opportunity to get outside to exercise or exercise in your home, there’s plenty of options. Have you thought about giving time to do any home fitness workouts, yoga or even dancing? Or what about going outdoors for a walk, run or cycle? That’s six options right there. If you’re still stuck for ideas then why not look to those who can help us keep learning… there’s The Body Coach and Yoga with Adriene on YouTube – both can give you ideas to get you started. There are online initiatives like 20DV and Dance in Your Pants to support you to dance in the comfort of your own home.  Or maybe downloading applications on your mobile could give you the motivation you need. There are apps such as Strava that allow you to track your walks, runs and bike rides. Why not monitor your progress and set yourself goals to beat your scores each time you head outside. You can even connect with friends to see how much exercise they are doing so whether it’s for health purposes, enjoyment, or some friendly competition, take notice of the resources and support available to you and be active.

We at Door43 are here to support young people between the ages of 13 to 25. We aim to promote emotional wellbeing as well as engagement in positive initiatives. If you haven’t already then why not follow our Door43 Instagram page for loads of different health and wellbeing themes you can engage with to occupy your time. Despite the length of my hair catching up to Joe Wicks with all barbers being closed, I am by no means the next ‘Body Coach’, but I have provided some home workouts on our page too. All you need is a bit of space, whether it’s in your living room or your garden. Give them a go!

Check out our Door 43 support and why not tell us what you would benefit from. Get in touch and let the team know what support you need right now. What would benefit you most? Let us have your ideas about the kind of support you need to get you to where you want to be or to help you become the person you want to be.


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