Got a job? Great. How to begin work brilliantly

Got a job? Great. How to begin work brilliantly

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Have you been looking for a job in lockdown? Are you feeling excited but a little nervous about the prospect of starting a job? Perhaps it’s your first job and you’ve no idea what to expect.

Here, Alex Leonard, Employer Engagement Co-ordinator at Sheffield Futures provides advice and guidance on how to prepare for your first day and what to expect.

Hello, Alex here and today I’m talking to those of you that have made a great list of skills, delivered a fantastic CV, done a knock-out interview and as a result have nailed that job. I’ll be talking to you about how to prepare yourself for making a fantastic first impression that will continue to give for you weeks into the job. Here are my top tips on how to begin work brilliantly.

  • Presentation and hygiene. First and foremost it’s essential that you turn up looking and fresh and smart. If you need help getting a suit or professional clothing, we can help, give us a call. If you’re due to wear a uniform at work then make sure you have given the right sizes to your line manager or the person organizing your introduction
  • Mentally fresh and energized. This is all about feeling fresh and energized so you can tackle the day ahead. Make sure you’ve eaten well and had a good nights sleep. This will give you the energy to deal with interactions, keeping you alert and focused so you can make the best impression possible and deal with information overload! You’ll have to take onboard a lot of information on your first day!
  • Be professional. If you look, feel and act smart then you will gain people’s respect from the outset. This is important, as the positive relationships you make will help you be memorable and will help you as you get settled in
  • Smile and be polite. This will make you approachable. Be enthusiastic and ask questions about what you’re being told. Show you’re proactive and enthusiastic
  • Take notes. Don’t feel silly walking around with a note pad. Make notes of names of colleagues, hours and shifts and times. You can use this as your memory back up!
  • Awareness of process. You will most likely have an induction meeting on your first day which will involve introductions to people, health and safety processes and being shown round the building. Make sure you take notes on how things are done – the culture – for example, is there a dress down Friday? Are you allowed to eat at your desk and importantly where can you get a coffee or a snack!

For more information, advice and guidance about getting into work from Alex look out for Alex’s videos on Sheffield Futures’ YouTube channel or call Sheffield Futures on 0114 201 2800

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