Our youth workers take to the streets to support young people across the city

Our youth workers take to the streets to support young people across the city

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Sheffield Futures youth workers are taking to the streets to ensure young people get the support they need while youth centres remain closed due to lockdown and social distancing rules.

Our charity is commissioned by Sheffield City Council to lead 40 youth work sessions in 20 youth centres across the city, but these were temporarily closed in March due to lockdown.

Louise Ellison, Deputy Services Manager at Sheffield Futures, said: “Detached youth work in communities is something that’s happened for decades, but it’s needed now more than ever during this current crisis.

“It’s a really challenging time for everyone but for young people it’s particularly hard if they don’t have good relationships with their families and have been cut off from their support networks, like their school and friends.

“We know life isn’t going to return to normal quickly and that the impact on young people’s mental health and job prospects is going to be vast. So qualified youth workers who are trained to communicate with and support young people, so they can make positive choices and keep themselves safe, are going to be key.”

Our youth workers are currently out in communities each weekday evening supporting vulnerable young people and actively engaging with groups of young people who may have been identified by the police, local schools or other agencies as needing support.

Youth worker Amin Kassim, said: “Detached youth work enables youth workers to work with young people in a place they feel comfortable and on their terms.

“While our teams have been out and about in communities such as Darnall, Manor, Woodthorpe and Page Hall, our experience has been that there are some young people out in groups but they are doing the best to abide by social distancing rules on the whole.

“The government guidance can be confusing so we believe that many young people will be feeling uncertain about their responsibilities and perhaps anxious too.

“They need support right now, to understand the risks and their responsibilities, rather than judgement.”

If you are aware of groups of young people who would benefit from interaction with youth workers, contact [email protected]

Sheffield Futures is also providing youth work sessions online and through their social media channels, for more information visit www.sheffieldfutures.org.uk for more information.

How you can help

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