Door 43 wellbeing blog: Tips for tackling anxiety triggered by lockdown easing

Door 43 wellbeing blog: Tips for tackling anxiety triggered by lockdown easing

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In these blogs our Door 43 team provide wise words and support to help young people manage emotional health and wellbeing during this difficult time. Be sure to look out for these blogs on the Sheffield Futures website and our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels. 

This week, Connor takes a look at tackling the anxiety and negative feelings caused by the need to abandon our recently learned coping strategies as lockdown eases and we are required to adapt and change our approach yet again. Connor looks at the things we can do to ease negative feelings and stay emotionally well as lockdown eases. 

As we move into the gradual easing of lockdown, for many of us this brings longed-for opportunities like seeing friends and family, playing sports, going on a staycation, heading into town, going shopping, or getting back to work or school (even if they are at a social distance).

While these changes are happy and exciting ones, for many of us including myself, even this increased freedom can be difficult for our mental health.

For many, the prospect of coming out of lockdown when there are still active debates about the fundamentals of how we deal with and treat the virus can be a real worry. Especially to those more vulnerable to the virus and those of us with mental health concerns.

A survey by charity Anxiety UK found that the idea of lockdown restrictions being lifted led to an increase in anxiety for 67% of those polled.

Fear and anxiety are possibly the most common emotional responses any of us will feel as we approach the release from lockdown. This response is how our brain reacts to potential danger – like a pandemic- in order to keep us safe. Therefore your brain is trying to protect you! That’s why you might be feeling anxious and stressed about returning to ‘normal’.

Finding a way to adjust and adapt to lockdown took a lot of emotional energy and we may have finally found a way to cope, so it’s natural that we may be hesitant to leave this behind and start the change process all over again. And we should also expect it will take some time to find our way back and to reconnect with things we have been distant from.

So if many of us are feeling this ‘coming out of lockdown anxiety’, we should prepare for the fact that the end of lockdown might bring its own set of changes and challenges, just like it did at the start.

But as with many of the other challenges we have faced this year, we are not alone, and we are capable of overcoming them – and I hope the list of wellbeing tips and advice below can help you along the way:


For more advice around coming out of lockdown anxiety, check out the links below:

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“You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” — Bob Marley

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