Results 2020: Latest A level, GCSE or vocational qualifications information

Results 2020: Latest A level, GCSE or vocational qualifications information

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Sarah from our careers team is back to provide the latest information for students who have received or who are waiting to receive results for A Levels, GCSE or vocational qualifications. 

This is the latest information for students who have received, or who are waiting to receive, results for A Levels, GCSEs or vocational qualifications.

Some issues – especially those concerning university places – are still being resolved. This means that we may not have the answers to all your questions yet, but we will update you as soon as we have further information. We realise that this is a highly stressful time but stay calm and stay in touch.

A Levels and AS Levels

A and AS Level results will now be the grades that were assessed by your school or college. You will be issued with the new grades.

If any calculated results (the ones you received on 13th August) turn out to be higher than the assessed grade, then the higher grade will stand.

If you have had a university offer withdrawn which you now meet with your assessed grades, then the advice from the Department for Education is to get in contact with the university concerned. Some universities have already put out statements so it’s worth checking their websites first. There are issues to do with finding space for all students while also maintaining safety; universities and the government are working together to find solutions.

GCSEs Your GCSE results will be the grades assessed by your teachers. Your school or college will tell you these results on Thursday (20th August).

Vocational and technical qualifications

Results for vocational and technical qualifications are not likely to change. This is because the method that was used to calculate A Levels and GCSEs was not generally applied to these qualifications. However, In the small number of instances where this has happened, the organisation awarding the qualification will review the results.

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