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Black History Month 2018

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Today is the first day of Black History Month. As an organisation we believe it is crucial that we recognise the importance of diversity and celebrate black history.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the views and opinions of so many people from different backgrounds and with different talents and beliefs. We will always embrace differences and welcome positive change because it’s part of who we are. Quite simply, we’re here to help fulfil ambitions whatever they may be, for everyone. To celebrate this feeling, will be sharing quotes and information that inspire us on our social media streams throughout October!

Our top ten self care tips

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We’ve teamed up with blogger Jade Marie to create a guide to ten quick and easy ways to practice self care! If you’re interested in taking small steps that can make a difference to you and your friends, this is definitely worth a read. We are also giving out copies of this guide with our self care clothing which you can see photographed below or by visiting   Merch 



#Nomineat challenge

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We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in our #nomineat challenge in support of money for life by sharing some of the entries with you all. As well as sharing and receiving meal tips across social media we have posted money tips and diaries to support young people who may be interested in learning budgeting skills. You can see some of our posts and tips to creating budget meals on the slideshow below. #nomineatsuccess!

Money tips for 2018

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Our talent match support worker, Mabz, has put together a set of money saving tips in support of our Money for life. If you’re aged between 16-25 and you want to become more cash confident, you could book onto a money master class. You can register here!


#Nomineat challenge success

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The #nomineat recipe challenge, in support of Money for Life, has been running for just under two weeks and we’ve already had a great response. We’d love to hear more of your recipe ideas whether that’s through videos, photos or blog posts. If you’ve not heard of the challenge and want to find step to step instructions of how you can take part just click here. Don’t forget to tag us to let us know you’ve shared a recipe!

Here are some of our highlights so far…

Dippyeggplease wrote a brilliant blog post discussing cooking to keep to a budget during January. She cooked her kids favourite, ‘Beany cheesy pasta bake’ and was kind enough to share step by step cooking instructions and a photograph! You can read more by clicking this link

SadieBlueOT tweeted her lunch time budget recipe, we liked this one because it is cost efficient and easy to make! The total lunch costs just 2.75 and can make enough for 2-3 portions. Much better value than a meal deal.



We’ve also received some video based recipes through our Facebook page, If you’d like to find out how to cook a roast vegetable pasta for under £3 pp you can  click here to see more


Watch out for further updates and if you’ve not yet taken on the challenge, I #nomineat you to share your £3 recipe with us this week.


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Introducing the #Nomineat challenge which is running January – March in support of money for life. We’d like to invite you to take part and provide us with a photograph, video or blog post of your meal costing less than £3 per head. Click here if you’d like to see an example by dippyeggplease. If you’re planning to get involved, just follow the four steps below! Don’t forget to tag us so we know you’ve taken part. If you’re aged between 16-25 you can also sign up to a free money master class in support of Money for Life – find out all the details here:




Want to feel more cash confident?

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Are you aged 16-25 and want to feel more cash confident? Are you interested in learning about saving money?

If yes then come along to our FREE Money Master Classes!

Enter your details on the Survey Monkey to register.

Alternatively, contact the Money for Life Team on:
0114 201 6655 or 07966245209

With UK Youth and Money for Life.


How you can help

Our charity is dedicated to helping Sheffield's young people to reach their full potential and achieve the best out of life, whatever their starting point. To help us to do more to support young people and communities we need your help. Just remember, every penny you donate will make a difference.