Our top ten self care tips

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We’ve teamed up with blogger Jade Marie to create a guide to ten quick and easy ways to practice self care! If you’re interested in taking small steps that can make a difference to you and your friends, this is definitely worth a read. We are also giving out copies of this guide with our self care clothing which you can see photographed below or by visiting   Merch 



World Suicide Prevention Day

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It’s World Suicide Prevention day on Monday 10th September. If you’re dealing with low mood, feeling worthless and like you can’t carry on please make yourself safe. You can reach out immediately to the following organisations:

Sheffield Mental Health Helpline: 0808 801 0440 (24 hours a day, free phone number)

HOPELineUK: 0800 068 41 41 (Open Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm; 7pm – 10pm and Weekends 2pm – 5pm).

Samaritans: 08457 90 90 90 /

Childline: 0800 1111 / (

Sheffield mental health out of hours: 0114 2716310 / (Adult services)

If you need urgent medical attention call 999 or attend your local A&E.

Young people 16 and under are advised to attend A&E at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital (Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TH)

Young people 17 and over are advised to attend A&E at the Northern General Hospital. (Herries Rd, Sheffield S5 7AU)

Remember, you can reach out to us here at Door43 at any time to prevent your feelings getting to crisis point. Door43 is a safe, confidential and relaxed space staffed by qualified workers where you can talk to a friendly face about anything that may be on your mind.

If you don’t feel like talking that’s fine too, you can come to our drop in session and ‘just be’ with other young people. It can be fun too!

You can drop in to Door43 here at Star House on Division Street 11-3pm Monday to Friday and 9.30 -12.30 on Saturdays.

There is also our Wellbeing Café, every Tuesday from 5pm – 7pm where you can relax with other young people, staffed by qualified workers and supporters all dedicated to provide a listening ear.

Save the Date – Launch of our self-care wear

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We’re launching merch with a message – our new self-care clothing. Designed to get young people talking about how they’re feeling and to see how others are doing too, through merch, we want to build a community of people who support each other at Door 43.

Come along and find out more about merch at our launch on Tuesday 28th August 5-7pm.

You can buy our merch at Syd & Mallory’s Emporium at 158 Devonshire Street also online here

All proceeds will go back into Door 43 to help more young people avert mental health crises.

Challenge & adventure in the Peak District

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At the end of May, our youth workers took 18 young people from our Woodthorpe and Westfield youth clubs and our Door 43 service out into the Peak District for a day of education, challenge and adventure. The educational activity, delivered in partnership with Endeavour Training and the Peak District National Park authority enabled these young people from very diverse backgrounds, most of whom had never ventured into the Peaks before, to interact socially, broadening horizons, building confidence and healthy attitudes as well as breaking down prejudice and negative stereotypes.

Travelling by tram and train demonstrated to our young people just how easy it is to access the national park. Disembarking at Grindleford, our young people were introduced to a Peak District National Park ranger who provided information about the running of the park and associated environmental challenges and got involved with using tools to maintain accessibility of paths as well as carrying out an environmental survey that involved understanding the ecosystem and identifying plants and insects. After a short walk in the beautiful countryside our young people were given the opportunity to really challenge themselves and push personal boundaries with an abseiling activity.

Commenting on the young people’s reactions to the abseiling activity, Danny Maybury, youth worker in our East team says, ‘Many of the young people taking part in the activity experienced fear just at the thought of taking this death defying plunge, and murmurs of self-doubt echoed around the group upon arrival. With a little encouragement and self-belief however, the challenge was enthusiastically met. The impact of this victory could be plainly seen on the gleeful faces of the young people who took part.’

John Moloughney, Deputy East team manager also said, ‘It was fantastic to lead an activity to deliver educational, social as well as healthy outcomes for these young people and see the delight on their faces as they challenged themselves in such a beautiful location. I’m really keen that we continue to build upon links with organisations such as Endeavour and the Peak District National Park Authority to deliver more in collaboration for Sheffield’s young people.’

A trip is being planned for October and any young people interested in attending should contact John Moloughney.

Funding plea for young people’s mental health and wellbeing zone

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Sheffield Futures, Sheffield’s young people’s charity is looking for support to help deliver a new much needed health and wellbeing zone as part of the Door 43 service which currently provides vital support for 13 – 25 year olds with mental health challenges. The new health and wellbeing zone is an essential addition which will make the Star House venue which currently hosts Door 43 fully fit for purpose.

With half of all mental health conditions appearing in young people before the age of 14 and one in four adults suffering a mental health problem in any given year, new services like Door 43 are heralded nationally as the way forward.

Commenting on the new health and wellbeing zone development, Gail Gibbons, CEO at Sheffield Futures says, ‘We have now begun work on phase one of a new health and wellbeing zone for young people, based at Sheffield Futures’ city centre venue Star House. Sheffield Futures has received incredibly generous grant funding from the Department of Health and we are looking for match-funding to complete the full build.’

‘We have seen very encouraging results from Door 43 so far and it’s really heartening to see the positive impact we’re having on the mental health and emotional wellbeing of Sheffield’s young people.’

‘We know that young people can be put off accessing mental health services as they associate these environments with the stress and anxiety that is often fuelling their issues.

The new health and wellbeing zone will offer a safe and welcoming space for young people to openly talk about their feelings and access early preventative support in a completely neutral environment where they can literally get away from it all, clear their head and become ready to access the support they need.’

‘So, we are reaching out to the business community to help us deliver this much needed resource for young people in Sheffield who need it most.’ She continues.

Door 43 integrates a range of health and wellbeing support under one roof, giving young people the flexibility they need in terms of access to different specialist support services such as counselling and other psychological therapies, awareness and advice work, health clinics, signposting and mechanisms for referral for those who require specialist mental health assessment. It is this preventative approach that aims to stop young people from requiring expensive, statutory, crisis-led interventions that often come when the damage has already been done.

When talking about how the Door 43 service has helped him, Darren Jenks a young person who has accessed Door 43 in the past said, “Door43 is a place I can go and offload about what has happened in my week. I don’t feel judged by the staff; they are all so easy to talk to. I feel like having that space every week makes a massive difference to my mood.” 

“When I’ve got loads of stuff going on in my head, I can book in to see someone at Door43 and they help me to make sense of it all and we can make a plan together and I feel so much better.”

All those interested in discussing how they can offer financial or other support should contact Tash Bright at Sheffield Futures on 0114 2018647 or email:

We are having a makeover!

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You may have noticed a few things have changed recently at Sheffield Futures one-stop-shop Star House, namely the white box that has appeared to the right of our front door….

Now’s a good time to tell you that we’re having a makeover!

The white box in our reception area will be soon made in to two rooms for you to meet with our careers, duty and Door43 staff.

We’ve added these couple of rooms because the back bit of our office (the grey bit!) is going to be made over to turn it in to our new Health and Wellbeing Zone.

So what does this mean for you?

In the long term, it means that we’re creating an inviting safe space for you to access health and wellbeing services, including our very own Door43.


In the short term, this means that some appointments will have been moved around, but your worker will contact you if your meeting is affected by our building work. It also means that Door43 drop-in may be affected. It will still be available, but there may be slight waiting times. Any appointments with regular visitors will be re-arranged accordingly.

If you are unsure or want any more information, please contact your worker or call our reception team on: 0114 201 2800.

Can’t wait to show off our brand new look! Please keep checking back for updates.

Stress Awareness Month: Be mindful, top tips on managing stress from Door43

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April is stress awareness month. Being under pressure is part of normal life. But becoming overwhelmed by stress can lead to mental health problems or make existing problems worse. But how do you know when pressure turns to stress? If you’re feeling increasingly anxious, finding it hard to concentrate, feel snappy, have headaches, feel sick or feel your heart beating faster, you may be stressed as these are some of the signs.

Stress awareness month is a great opportunity to take time to think about our wellbeing and find advice and support on managing stress. With exams on the horizon it’s a good time to get some techniques in place to manage stress so you can do your best come exam season.

Our Door43 Wellbeing Practitioner Katie Ashton has come up with her tips and advice on managing stress. Door43 is our emotional wellbeing service for young people based here at Star House.

The 4 A’s

AVOID – Some of our stress can easily avoided, plan ahead, look to your surroundings and prioritise.

  • Learn to say no – try not to feel pressure to do tasks that aren’t necessary, reflect on your responsibilities and then look at the demands on your time.
  • Prioritise your ‘To-Do’ list into ‘today’, ‘this week’ and ‘within the month’ – this will limit the overwhelming feelings of having to do everything straight away.
  • Avoid contact with people who increase your stress levels – if this is going to be difficult, try to limit the time and make sure you have time to give yourself ‘time to breathe’ in the situation.

Remember!! A certain amount of avoidance is healthy – but please don’t use this technique in all situations, as this can create more difficulties.

ALTER – Recognise what you do or feel when you are stressed and then look at changing your situation.

  • State time limits on particular tasks e.g. if you need to clean, give yourself an hour and then wherever you are at, take a break.
  • Communicate your feelings – remember to take control of your feelings by using ‘I feel that sometimes…’
  • Manage your time – look at your day and see if there is a way to manage your time so you have time for yourself. Allow yourself a minimum of 30 minutes a day of self-care.

ADAPT – You may feel that you can’t cope with the current situation – changing your expectations can really help to reduce those stress levels.

  • Look at reframing the issue – what would a helpful friend say about the situation? Have a moment, breathe and take a step back.
  • It is helpful to look at the ‘bigger picture’ – will this situation matter in a month? A year? 5 years?
  • Find yourself a positive quote to keep that motivation up – “You are capable of so much more than you ever imagine” – find one that resonates with you – mentally repeat it, write it down, whatever works for you.
  • Adjust your standards – do you really NEED to do that cleaning at 10pm at night? Or, does that essay HAVE to be perfect? Try to change your definition of perfection and success – this will ease the guilty feeling.
  • Alternative thoughts – take a moment after that stream of negative thoughts, take the ‘negative glasses’ off, what if the outcome was positive? Try to think of thoughts opposite to your own – this is not easy, but give it a go and it will become easier over time.

ACCEPT – Unfortunately, sometimes there is nothing we can do about a stressful situation and we just need to accept things the way they are.

  • Practice your positive self-talk – “this situation is really difficult, but I’ve dealt with things like this before, I am strong and I will get through this”
  • Learn from your mistakes – ‘Remember that life’s greatest lessons are usually learned at the worst times and from the worst mistakes’
  • Practice forgiveness – anger can lead to stress and if this is persistent, it can be exhausting. Forgiveness is difficult, but try letting your anger be released.
  • Talk to someone – Even if they offer no advice or guidance, speaking through the situation and having a listening ear can be very helpful.

Always remember – You can totally do this.

You can also drop into our Door43 at Sheffield Futures on Division Street Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm on Tuesday until 7pm and on a Saturday 9.30 – 1pm.

Door43 at Sheffield Futures on Division Street staffed by youth workers, counsellors, substance misuse workers, sexual health workers, careers advisors, volunteers as well as peer supporters.



Free acoustic event at the Green Room 6pm 5th April

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Join us for an acoustic night at the Green Room on Thursday 5th April at 6 pm. Free to get in, the event will feature local acts such as Paul Fletcher and the Dukes and Robert Lowdon.

All proceeds from the night will go towards redevelopment of the Door 43 young people’s well being cafe planned for the ground floor here at Star House. Please tell your family and friends and come and support us to raise funds to transform young lives.


World Poetry Day: Poems to inspire and motivate

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This World Poetry Day Vicky Morris, Writer, Educator & Creative Practitioner and one of our valued supporters and collaborators has kindly recommended a few poems to inspire, motivate and take from them what you will. Enjoy.



Student Volunteering Week

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It’s Student Volunteering Week and we want to celebrate our many volunteers who are also students.

Thank you to all of our student volunteers!

We currently have volunteers in all three of our Community Youth Teams working in our youth clubs across the city, and at our Door43 Wellbeing Cafe, held every Tuesday at our city centre venue, Star House.

Volunteering with Sheffield Futures will give you the chance to make a real difference to young people in Sheffield. It’s also a fantastic way to gain experience and build confidence. We are always looking for new volunteers at Sheffield Futures, so if you have some spare time and are looking to meet new people and make a great contribution to your local community please contact: or call: 0114 201 6609.

Read Shannon and Gabby’s stories below about how it’s possible to balance being a student and also a volunteer at Sheffield Futures…

Shannon’s Story

I first found out about Sheffield Futures through my Universities Careers Officer. He told me about the great volunteering Sheffield Futures offer. Since I started volunteering in the youth clubs with Sheffield Futures, I have been able to be totally flexible around university work, either volunteering one night a week or four I wanted to. The volunteering itself is great, especially if you’re curious about social/youth work careers! 

During the youth clubs you have the chance to mix with such a diverse group of kids, and here you have to opportunity to simply have a chat to them about their week or get involved with activities.

I am loving my team with Sheffield Futures, it has for sure opened my eyes to different career options, but most importantly given me invaluable experience. 

Gabby’s Story

Hello, I’m Gabby. I am currently studying Biochemistry at the University of Sheffield and on Tuesday evenings I volunteer for Sheffield Futures Wellbeing Café. I joined the Wellbeing Café’s team in October after finding out about them through my University’s Volunteering Hub. It caught my eye because it didn’t require a big commitment, it looked fun and gave me the opportunity to enjoy tea and cake!

At the Wellbeing Café I help run a wide variety of fun, engaging and interesting activities such as stress ball making, cake decorating, learning first aid, and problem solving. A lot of the sessions focus on self-care, self-love, being positive and reaching for your goals. Even I as a volunteer benefit from these sessions and I often leave feeling very uplifted and motivated.  My most memorable session was when a representative from the Amy Winehouse Project came in and opened up about his struggles with alcohol and drug addiction. It was very inspiring to listen to how he got through it all and where he is now.

At the Café I help to ensure all young people feel involved and have a relaxed and open atmosphere where everyone feels confident enough to contribute and be themselves. I provide a listening ear when necessary, forming trusting relationships with them. Another of my roles is also to help with making drinks and dishing out lovely snacks.  

Volunteering for the Wellbeing Café has not been a huge commitment whilst studying at the same time as it only requires two hours of my week. Sheffield Futures is also very conveniently located on Division Street making it easily accessible for me by walk from uni. The team have been very understanding when I have had exams and was unable to attend sessions. Having volunteered at the Café will benefit me in the future as it will look great on my CV and give me lots of interesting things to talk about in an interview.

I have always found the Wellbeing Cafe very enjoyable, always leaving feeling positive. It has been great meeting new people, especially the Sheffield Futures staff who are extremely friendly and supportive.  I am very proud to be part of an organisation that makes such a difference in young people’s lives with the support they provide them, creating positive futures.


How you can help

Our charity is dedicated to helping Sheffield's young people to reach their full potential and achieve the best out of life, whatever their starting point. To help us to do more to support young people and communities we need your help. Just remember, every penny you donate will make a difference.