Sheffield author A F Stone pledges support for Sheffield Futures

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Sheffield author A F Stone has caused a bit of a buzz lately with the publication of her book The Raven Wheel – a gritty tale of the journey of three teenagers in Stoke on Trent where Amy grew up before moving to Sheffield fifteen years ago. Amy has also created a bit of a buzz here at our Door 43 emotional health and wellbeing service as she’s kindly offered to donate 80 per cent of all proceeds of her book sold through The Porter Book Shop to Door 43, here at Sheffield Futures.

The Raven Wheel deals with some dark and realistic themes including mental illness, suicide, drug abuse and difficult relationships as it tracks the young lives of the three main characters. Talking about why Amy chose to pledge her support to Sheffield Futures she said, ‘I chose Sheffield Futures and specifically the Door 43 service because I was looking for a local charity that provides the kind of support needed for the issues raised in my book.’

‘The three main characters are affected by a lot of things including mental health problems, social isolation, sexual abuse, family breakdown and bullying and Sheffield Futures offers a great holistic approach that would help young people facing issues like that.’

Commenting on the support Gail Gibbons CEO at Sheffield Futures said, ‘It’s clearly brilliant that Amy has decided to donate proceeds from the sale of The Raven Wheel to help young people that access our Door 43 service and that the book shines a light on the reality of some young people’s lives and the help that’s needed. We want all young people that might be experiencing emotional health and wellbeing issues caused by any of the themes raised in the book to know that support is out there for them. We wish Amy all the best for the future and for the success of The Raven Wheel.’

Here at our Door 43 emotional health and wellbeing centre at Star House we offer a preventative service focussed on intervening early with young people, to open up conversations and hopefully stop more serious issues in their tracks.

We know that young people can be put off accessing mental health services as they associate these environments with the stress and anxiety that is often fuelling their issues. Our Door 43 service ensures we can offer a safe and welcoming space for young people to openly talk about their feelings and access early preventative support in a completely neutral environment where they can literally get away from it all, clear their head and become ready to access the support they need.

Door 43 integrates a range of health and wellbeing support under one roof, giving young people the flexibility they need in terms of access to different specialist support services such as counselling and other psychological therapies, awareness and advice work, health clinics, signposting and mechanisms for referral for those who require specialist mental health assessment. We also offer social prescribing for young people. Much like going to the GP for a prescription, where we deem appropriate, we can prescribe therapeutic activities that young people show an interest in.

Young people can drop in to the Door 43 wellbeing café at Star House on Division Street on a Tuesday between 5-7pm or on Wellbeing Wednesday 11-4pm and on a Saturday 9.30-1pm. Our wellbeing workers can assess a young person’s level of need and provide appropriate support or refer young people on to more appropriate services through our referral network. Call 0114 201 800 or [email protected] 


Fundraise for children and young people in Sheffield who need it most

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Wear your jeans for teens and raise funds for young people in Sheffield who need it most #Jeansforteens

On Friday 9 August show your support for Sheffield’s young people by wearing jeans for teens. Set up a non-uniform day in your office with a suggested £1 donation and all proceeds will go to Youth Sheffield – the service offering safe spaces off the streets for young people to grow and thrive. With youth services being cut and child criminal exploitation and associated knife crime on the rise, funds are needed to keep our young people away from risk, in safe spaces where they can grow and thrive.

For a fundraising pack please contact [email protected] / 0114 201 2841. Don’t forget to share your #jeansforteens pics with us @SheffFutures Insta: SheffieldFutures

Run the 10K for Sheffield’s emotional wellbeing service for young people – Door 43

September will see the 2019 Sheffield 10K. Run for Sheffield Futures and help to expand Door 43, enabling more young people across the city to reach the support that they need. Door 43 at Star House on Division Street supports 13 – 25 year olds with their mental health by offering a weekly drop-in, one-to-one sessions and a social prescribing service – aiming to get young people into social activities as a way to manage their emotional wellbeing.

For a fundraising pack please contact [email protected] / 0114 201 2841

Running tips! Thinking of doing the Sheffield 10k? Read this blog!

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Running technique tips by former Britain’s Female Athlete of the Year, Becky Lyne:

Are you a runner? Or could you be cajoled into giving it a go? If so, Sheffield Futures are teaming up with former Britain’s Female Athlete of the Year, Becky Lyne, to give you technique tips to help take your running to another level – or indeed take those first steps.

Since having her middle distance career cut short by injury, she has used her experience to develop a model that guides runners through 5 key principles to help them move GRACE-fully, thus reducing injuries and enhancing enjoyment.

Here she shares with us two of these principles:

‘G’ for Grow

The most common fault I see among fun/club (sometimes even elite!) runners is that they ‘sit’ when they run i.e. their hips are low and posture somewhat collapsed. The upshot of this is that they:

  • run heavy and flat-footed on their feet;
  • land with their foot in front of their centre of mass, exerting a breaking force on momentum;
  • don’t activate their core which often results in trying to control the movement from tense shoulders, which in turn can restrict breathing.

The oft cited advice from ‘expert’ passers-by when out on a run of ‘knees up, knees up’ (usually followed shortly thereafter by ‘run, Forest, run!’), could not be worse advice. Next time retort to them, you should be shouting ‘hips up, hips up’. Even when doing a high knees drill it shouldn’t be at the expense of high hips. In fact, once you get the position of your hips right it will actually feel more like your knees are down as your quad and hip flexors engage in a more extended position at the point of ground contact. (More on this later as it also relates to some of the other letters in our acronym…).

A key mistake I see as people try to implement this element of form is they grow very rigidly tall – almost military-esque. The aim should be more ‘regal’ and the feel should be that of running on your legs, rather than with them. I know that might sound strange, but have a play with it… This then prompts the core to fire and the shoulders to relax creating a wonderful sense of control yet openness.

‘E’ for Enjoyment

I’m often asked what sport or exercise is best to help you lose weight and my answer is always the same: one that you enjoy. That way you’re more likely to not only do it but also to develop a good relationship with being active – and in turn with yourself.

How often do you see people grimacing as they are pounding their legs along the pavements? It’s almost like penance for their sins! And how often do these people have awful techniques?  Like you can change your technique, you can also change your mindset.

I don’t subscribe to ‘no pain, no gain’ anymore. It only brought me fleeting happiness on the odd occasion I won a race, but many more a down moment as I nursed my latest injury from over-doing it.

Now, I fall far more in favour of ‘letting the effort come to me’ mindset (then it’s like you don’t even have to try! 😉).

Now I nurture a feeling of gratitude for having the ability to push myself, rather than fear or fight the discomfort that inevitably comes along for the ride.

Now I enjoy running for running, not just winning as was the case previously. Not that I ever win these days!

And the great thing about it is that this resulting enjoyment leads to better technique thanks to greater relaxation and a light heart, which in turn leads to greater enjoyment…and it all spirals hopelessly out of control! Before you know it, you’re a running addict high on stress-and-anxiety-killing serotonin, anandamide and kynurenine aminotransferase 😉.

If this has whetted your appetite to learn more, Becky runs technique workshops in which she reveals all five principles, together with drills to encourage their implementation. Optional personalised slow-motion video analysis can further help to guide you in the key areas for you to focus on.

In the run up to the Sheffield 10k in September and Half Marathon in April, she is offering 10% off workshops for all runners representing Sheffield Futures and she will donate a further 10% of the cost to us. To redeem your discount, use the code ‘FUTURES’ on the bookings page:

Fundraising events 2019 / 20

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Find out more about our upcoming fundraising events and celebrate and be inspired by the fantastic achievements of our supporters here in our Fundraising Booklet

Young people fundraising for their youth club!

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Young people who regularly attend Woodthorpe Youth Club, run by Sheffield Futures, have been fundraising to give their youth club a make over. Last weekend, the group took part in a sponsored walk. They took the train to Edale, then completed a 10 mile walk in torrential rain – so much for summer!

Deputy Community Youth Team Manager, John Moloughney, called the group ‘absolute stars!’


Woodthorpe Social Action Group haven’t just been walking to raise funds, they’ve been fundraising with bucket collections and taking tins out to their local shops. The group are dedicated to creating a space that’s attractive and safe for all young people in Woodthorpe.

Recently the group were at Woodthorpe Youth Club when PC Briggs came to visit in the van. Obviously the group wanted to sit in the van! It’s great to see the young people interactive with one of the many services working in Woodthorpe and across the city.


Finally, here are the group getting the outdoors area looking colourful with potted plants!


Support Sheffield’s young people by running the Sheffield 10k in September

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Sheffield Futures are looking for fundraisers to run the Asda Foundation Sheffield 10k in September to help the charity to sustain and expand Door 43, enabling more young people across the city to reach the support that they need. Door 43 supports local 13 – 25 year olds with their mental health by offering a weekly drop-in, one-to-one sessions and a social prescribing service – aiming to get young people into social activities as a way to manage their emotional wellbeing.

This spring, the charity had their first runner in the London Marathon, with Irina Inayat raising a fantastic £653 for Sheffield Futures. Irina hopes that her run will inspire others to get their running shoes on in support of Sheffield Futures.

As an official charity partner for the Asda Foundation Sheffield 10K, Sheffield Futures has places to offer in the event taking place on Sunday 22nd September 2019 and the charity are encouraging runners to book their places and begin training now.

Georgia Featherstone, Charity & Partnerships Executive at Event Organisers, Run For All, said: ‘We’re absolutely delighted to have Sheffield Futures on board as an official partner charity for both the Sheffield Half Marathon and the Sheffield 10K. The atmosphere in Sheffield is always excellent and it’s inspiring to see so many runners of all abilities turning out to support so many deserving causes.’

The Sheffield 10k is a fantastic route, taking the runners from the crowds and atmosphere of the city centre, up the vibrant Ecclesall Road, around Endcliffe Park, ending on Arundel Gate.

Runners who sign up to run the Sheffield 10k for Sheffield Futures will receive a running t-shirt, water bottle and sports bag – as well as their places funded, with a minimum fundraising amount to reach. To sign up, please contact: Mark Cummins at [email protected] or call 0114 201 2841

Sheffield runners have been out in force, raising funds for local youth charity Sheffield Futures’ emotional wellbeing service Door 43.

Runners have tackled the city’s hills in the Asda Foundation Sheffield Half Marathon. Runner Natasha Bright said: ‘I wanted to raise funds for Door 43; it’s a vital service that could support many more young people.’

She continues: ‘I’d never run a half marathon before so I thought I’d start with the one on my doorstep. It was a brilliant experience with some fantastic views as you get out towards the Peak District and the crowd really carries you!’

About Door 43

Door43 offers Sheffield’s 13 – 25 year olds support on a range of social, emotional, practical and health related issues.

Door43 at Sheffield Futures on Division Street is staffed by youth workers, counsellors, substance misuse workers, sexual health workers, careers advisors, volunteers as well as peer supporters.

Young people can drop in at Door43, Sheffield Futures, Division Street on Wednesdays. Please call 0114 201 2800 for further information and appointments.

You can find out more about the activities and workshops on offer on the Sheffield Futures website

We also run a social prescribing service for young people aged 13-25. Much like going to the GP for a prescription if you’re physically ill, we can work with you to prescribe activities, services and practical support that can help with a range of issues you may be facing such as:

  • Loneliness and isolation: We can help you to make new friends or find groups to make connections with others through activities you’re interested in
  • Difficulty accessing housing, education or employment: We can provide practical support to make housing applications, coach you to understand opportunities for further education or with getting back into work
  • Low confidence, mood, wellbeing: We can support you to find ways to build confidence, improve mood and boost wellbeing and tackle any underlying issues you may have.

For those that would rather, there is also the option to book appointments.

If you know a young person or young people that you feel may benefit from the service you can refer them to the service by calling 0114 201 2774.

Woodthope youngsters’ drive to transform community centre

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Woodthorpe youngsters’ drive to transform community centre

A group of inspirational young people, looking to transform their youth club have started a campaign to revamp it into a welcoming space that will attract more young people in the community.  

Woodthorpe, an estate in Sheffield and an area of high deprivation and anti-social behaviour currently has a youth club but attendees feel that more could be done to attract new club members who could hugely benefit from being part of the group.

Youth workers in Woodthorpe have supported young people at the Sheffield Futures club to form the Woodthorpe Social Action Project (WSAP).

‘We want to make the club more homely and inviting for people who haven’t been or maybe don’t even know Woodthorpe has a youth club. Youth club is a safer place than hanging around on the streets and somewhere that young people can come and have fun, get involved with positive activities and be with their mates. We want to make it look better and we’re going to get involved as much as we can. We’ve written letters to MPs and Councillors letting them know what we’re doing and inviting them to come down and see the club.Says Cole,founder of the WSAP.

‘We’ve made a list of things we would really like to change about the club and are working on a plan with our youth worker at Sheffield Futures that includes a day of social action on the 5th April in the Easter holidays, where we are going to get involved in making the transformation happen working towards a grand unveiling in August.’ Says Ash, co-founder of WSAP.

‘We’re also really excited as Marcus Method, a Sheffield artist has kindly offered to do a mural for the club which is brilliant!’ Says Ash.

WSAP are enthusiastic to do something positive for young people in their area. They are meeting weekly to discuss ideas, organise fundraisers, create videos and plan the redecoration of their youth club. Gary Beatson from Sheffield City Council (SCC) was impressed by WSAP’s promotional video, which shows the group discussing the project and their plans for the youth club. Gary has since met the group and, after discussing the project with Senior FM Managers in SCC, they have kindly pledged to fit a new floor and lighting for the SCC-owned venue, which will go a long way to transform the space.

Commenting on the WSAP Louise Haigh, MP for Sheffield Heeley and Shadow Policing Minister says ‘It’s fantastic to see such inspirational young people working hard to bring benefits for the whole of the Woodthorpe community. These young men and women are taking the initiative and working hard to provide a better place for their friends to be as well as the whole community and that is to be commended.’

Local business Loadhog have pledged to provide six volunteers to assist with the re-decoration of the youth club, painting the walls in colours that have been approved by all youth club attendees. On Friday 5th April, volunteers, WSAP, Sheffield Futures youth workers and colleagues will work hard to transform the space.

WSAP is fundraising and asking the local community for cash and equipment donations to improve the club, if you can help, please see:

WSAP are looking for good quality donations that will stand the test of time in a busy youth club:

Main room:

  1. Decorating materials – all prep materials and paint
  2. Furnishings – soft furnishings, 4 sofas, chairs, picture frames, roller blinds, disco ball!

Chill room:

  1. Furnishings – sofa and soft furnishings


  1. Fridge
  2. New kitchen & installation

Music room:

  1. CD Mixer
  2. Earphones
  3. Storage
  4. Chairs
  5. USB / SCART lead
  6. Mixer stand

Could you help WSAP? You can make a cash donation here or call 07766 751 614 or email [email protected] if you have time or skills to help.


Media contacts

For more information and associated imagery please contact:

Sadie White, Media and Communications Officer

Email: [email protected] or call: 0114 201 6622

Natasha Bright, Marketing and Communications Co-coordinator

Email: [email protected] or call: 0114 201 8647

Notes to the Editor – About Sheffield Futures

We are an independent charity, which supports young people and adults to achieve their full potential in learning, employment and life. We deliver a wide range of services to young people and adults from our city-centre multi-agency one-stop-shop and from our delivery sites in local communities.

We are passionate about making sure that young people’s voices are at the heart of everything we do, and have a particular focus on working with disadvantaged and hard to reach young people and communities.

We work closely with our partners across the statutory; voluntary, community, faith; and private sectors to work together to support young people, adults and communities towards a better future – and we welcome opportunities for furthering our partnership work

My Favourite Voucher Codes February 2019 Charity Poll – Sheffield Futures

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Sheffield Futures strives to support the young people who really need it within our community and, now, My Favourite Voucher Codes wants to help us to reach that goal.


My Favourite Voucher Codes is a discount website that provides customers with voucher codes for a range of online retailers in order to get their goods at a lower price. They are not only passionate about providing customers with discounts, but they are also passionate about raising money for charity too. The company, who began raising money for different not for profit organisations in 2012, has raised a wonderful £56,000 for different causes so far. They don’t plan on stopping there either!


My Favourite Voucher Codes holds a charity poll every month. The poll sees the charities compete playfully to raise votes for their causes. This is done through both on and offline strategies and works as a really incredible way to encourage supporter engagement and raise awareness too. The charity that has raised the most votes by the close of the month will win the donation, which is 20% of the company’s profits for that month!


The funds that are raised during this fun and engaging poll are vital to helping charities with their respective causes. They help to alleviate illness, to improve homelessness, to support asylum seekers, and even to help look after animals too. Having worked with – and raised funds for – charities such as Challengers, RoadPeace, Target Ovarian Cancer and Shelter, it is easy to see the good that this company is achieving through their initiative.


They really are focused on raising funds and awareness to charitable causes, while simultaneously saving people money on their online shopping. They are one of the only discount code sites that give consumers the opportunity to receive a discount while helping to raise money for charity, and this is a really wonderful service to be able to provide. Giving really is at the centre of everything that they do!


Sheffield Futures has now been invited to take part in the My Favourite Voucher Codes February charity poll! This is a wonderful opportunity to raise some money for the young community in Sheffield.


Help to support our cause by heading over to their website and casting your vote for Sheffield Futures. The poll is listed on the right hand side of their site, and it is free for you to vote in. You are under no obligation to use any of the voucher codes, but those that you do wish to use will increase the amount of money that is donated to the charity that wins this month!


Voting is open between the 1st and 28th February.


So head over there now and cast your vote for Sheffield Futures.

A Night of Fashion

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We’ve partnered with Blue Sky Fashion Shows to bring you a great and cheap evening, full of amazing deals on top range women’s clothing! Get something for yourself or even some of those last-minute Christmas pressies!

The night will be full of Designer High Street Store & Top Range Ladies Garments to be Sold at a Fraction of the Normal Price – There’s no obligation to buy, all items fully guaranteed, and there’s styles to suit all ages, sizes 8 – 22!

Taking place on Tuesday 11th December, 7pm (arrival at 6:45pm) at The Lescar Pub, on Sharrowvale Road.

It promises to be an exciting evening, full of clothes to last all year (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter). You’ll get amazing deals and raise funds for Sheffield Futures in the process!


Halloween at DINA!

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Boo! We’re hosting a spooktacular Halloween night ON 31st October!

Thrills and chills with three live bands, a bake sale, a fancy dress competition and lots of Halloween stalls, it’s a night not to be missed!

Just £5 suggested donation for entry and all the money we raise will go towards supporting the young people of Sheffield!

You can join in from 7pm at DINA, on Cambridge Street. DINA is an independent venue in the centre of Sheffield. Its purpose is to offer a platform for artists and performers profiling new and unseen creative work!

You can guarantee a spot and get your tickets in advance below.

How you can help

Our charity is dedicated to helping Sheffield's young people to reach their full potential and achieve the best out of life, whatever their starting point. To help us to do more to support young people and communities we need your help. Just remember, every penny you donate will make a difference.