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Volunteering helped Sheffield teen find her future career

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Volunteering at Sheffield Futures, was the starting point that helped local teen make positive changes in her life.

Nineteen year old Courtney Castledine was filled with excitement as we spoke to her on the first day of her new full time job at Talent Match Sheffield City Region. Courtney began volunteering at Sheffield Futures at the age of thirteen after a series of challenges at school. Sheffield Futures provides local young people with the support and opportunities that enable them to make positive choices in their lives.

Growing up, Courtney explained how she didn’t get on well at school: “I struggled with all sorts at school…I wanted to do the best I could but found it difficult.” Courtney’s school referred her to Sheffield Futures who have links with schools all across the city.

Courtney defines her mentors at Sheffield Futures as part of her family. Speaking fondly of her time volunteering, she describes how she got involved with art projects at the local youth clubs that Sheffield Futures run. She particularly enjoyed designing anti-bullying posters: “I was so passionate about designing the posters, helping other people was all I ever wanted to do. I wanted to use my experience to give something back and help other young people”

At age sixteen, after volunteering at the youth clubs, her mentor suggested she go for the role of Young Advisor at Sheffield Futures. Young Advisors are paid to help organisations make their services youth friendly. As part of Young Advisors, Courtney went on to win the National Young Advisors Impact Award. She stated: “Being a Young Advisor built up my confidence massively. I wouldn’t be able to sit here and talk to you if I didn’t have all the previous experience. I probably wouldn’t have got the job I have now.”

During Courtney’s time as a Young Advisor she applied for a Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship through The Source, which helped her to secure her new full time job as an Admin Assistant for Talent Match Sheffield City Region. After completing the Apprenticeship Courtney has now been kept on and is helping to coordinate support for other young people aged between 18 – 24, looking to gain access to employment, education and training.

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Young man lands dream career in Engineering with support from Sheffield Futures

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Mikias Misganew, a 17-year-old Engineering student, accessed our Job Club when he was unable to progress in his studies due to his level of English.

Mikias was disappointed that improving his English skills was going to delay the completion of his Engineering qualifications. He was keen to stay on track with his studies, which would ultimately lead to his ideal job.

Paul Spencer, a Targeted Youth Support Assistant, worked with Mikias to explore his options but explained to him how important a good use of English would be for his future. He helped Mikias to look for engineering training providers who would allow him to continue with his studies alongside studying English.

Paul contacted several training providers to see if this would be possible for Mikias and managed to find somewhere for him to complete his Level 2 Engineering course at the same time as an English course.

Mikias was appreciative of the support he received from Paul at the Job Club, and is currently applying for apprenticeships for when he has completed the Level 2 qualification. He said: “I want to thank Paul so much for everything he’s done for me. I am enjoying my course; I am getting the hang of it and it seems to be going fine. I appreciate everything Paul has done for me from the bottom of my heart.”

Paul feels great job satisfaction in being able to help young people such as Mikias. He said: “Mikias is now coming on in leaps and bounds. I kept in touch with him when he started his qualification to ensure he was coping. He was so grateful for the support and advice we gave him, but I’m only doing my job. I could see he was interested and keen to carry on in Engineering so I wanted to help him get sorted.”

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