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Doing Good Business is funded by Big Lottery and the European Social Fund.



Doing Good Business

Doing Good Business is a new programme for people looking for work across Sheffield City Region. We provide one-to-one coaching support for adults seeking employment. This support is offered at their own pace, to fit in with their lives. We will:

  • Provide expertise from experienced professionals and training on key topics
  • Help clients to explore the potential of becoming self employed
  • Support to manage personal circumstances
  • Enable clients to develop their skills and personal strengths
  • Tailor support to meet their needs.

Know someone who would benefit? Get in touch today!

Kevin Osborne (Barnsley, Sheffield): 07940 274 422 or email: [email protected]

Paul Davies (Bassetlaw, Bolsover, Chesterfield, NE Derbyshire and Derbyshire Dales): 07973 522 772 or email: [email protected]

Nigel Hudson (Bassetlaw, Bolsover, Chesterfield, NE Derbyshire and Derbyshire Dales): 07989 251 333 or email: [email protected]

6f35735c-b4ee-48c8-9049-cbe6f2b6cfc2Doing Good Business helps clients who are furthest from the job market with all of the barriers they face whilst finding employment. We help with training, organising Birth Certificates, writing CVs, providing support, sorting work clothing and finding permanent employment.

Peter had been out of work on and off for a number of years. He wanted to embark on a career in construction but needed help with Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) training. Doing Good Business helped by organising the CSCS training he needed, updating his CV, purchasing a much-needed Birth Certificate and helping him to secure a full time job.

We also provided Peter with vital new work clothing. We organised in-work support and helped Peter to get permanent accommodation!

460434a5-ad07-49ee-9288-2a5f0e8aa3daWe are very pleased to tell you Paul’s story. Paul has Asperger’s Syndrome and has always wanted to set an example and help others with similar conditions. He is also keen to support his local community.

After being out of work for 18 months he decided that he would like to start his own business producing a community newspaper, reporting on the work of local community groups and people, and promoting local businesses.

He approached Paul Davies, an Enterprise Coach for the Doing Good Business programme to get help in providing structure to his plans and to help develop the skills that he would need to grow his business.

Paul is now close to producing his first edition which will be delivered to 15,000 homes and businesses in Chesterfield.

“I just have a couple more advertisers to sign up and we’ll be ready to go” says Paul. “The help I have had from the Doing Good Business programme has been great. Paul has helped me to plan the business finances, write scripts for sales meetings and to develop my presentation skills. He has also taught me some techniques to manage the stress that I sometime experience. We’ve met regularly to plan each next step and that has really helped me to get things going.”

Paul says that his confidence has grown as a result of the support from the programme, and is looking forward to seeing his newspaper help local people.


Doing Good Business runs events to help adults find employment. If you know anyone who is interested and would like to find out more, please contact the Community Engagement Coaches on the email addresses above!

Introduction to Enterprise – find out more about running your own business.
Formula4Success – find out more about what free support and training is available for adults seeking employment. (This event is a collaborating with Groundwork South Yorkshire, Phoenix, Wiseability and Doncaster West Development Trust).
Introduction to Doing Good Business – this event will be open for potential clients to find out about the support on offer and meet the team!

e8491048-7692-4c82-baac-2cd5c03d95f0 (1)We accompanied Zoe to the Sheffield College Open Day one evening and gave her coaching on the type of questions to ask and that she would be asked. She was nervous as she felt she was too old to go back into education. We are very proud to tell you that Zoe has signed up to a full-time course in Media Make-Up which is due to start in September. (Please see the lovely selfie with Community Engagement Coach, Kevin Osborne, below!)

In addition to this Zoe has attended our Introduction to Enterprise event as she is keen to set up her own business once she has passed her college qualification.

742df725-1700-4ce5-a8da-990a30f75280Pete’s Story

Pete was given support to update his CV and search for jobs online. We also supported Pete to do a mass CV-drop on a local trading estate. After we finished the CV-drop, Pete received a call from one of the companies inviting him to an interview! We are currently awaiting the outcome of his interview – expect an update soon!

Pete said: “Just want to say a big thank you, I didn’t expect a phone call for an interview so quickly!”



With a little help from Doing Good Business, James has just started work at Webhelp, after six years of unemployment.

Doing Good Business arranged to accompany him to The Suit Works for free interview suit and gave advice and guidance on interview techniques, a travel plan and fare to interview.

James’ coach, Kevin Osborne did a ‘better off’ calculation, to show him that he would be much better off in work, and helped James to make a claim to Working Tax Credits.

Community Engagement Coach, Kevin Osborne said: “James lacked confidence and wanted to work on his interview skills, I think he just needed someone to believe in him. We are so pleased that he has been successful at gaining employment and we hope his story inspires more people to contact us and see how we can help them!”

Did you know?

Clowne Enterprise is in the process of putting together additional learning opportunities for participants on the Doing Good Business Programme:

  • An online learning platform will provide downloadable modules covering all aspects of starting your own business, from selecting a business idea through to selling and marketing, and managing the business finances. It will also include video tutorials on setting up your own website and making the most of social media.
  • A personal development programme is being developed, in conjunction with Worksop-based social enterprise Lasting Differences.
  • A one-day workshop helping participants to improve their use of social media as a way of promoting their planned businesses will be announced soon.

If you want to be notified when any of these opportunities are available leave your details with Paul Davies at Clowne Enterprise: [email protected] or call: 07973 522772

Our impact on people in Sheffield City Region

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Sheffield Futures has proudly launched their annual Impact Report, demonstrating the ways in which thousands of people are benefitting from their services across the city.

The report for 2016/17 documents Sheffield Futures impact on young people, including supporting 3827 young people through one-to-one interventions and running 54 youth club sessions per week across Sheffield. The charity has presented 369 young people with Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards and supported 816 young people to improve their attitude towards school. Sheffield Sexual Exploitation Service have provided Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Awareness training to 1093 young people in schools across the city region.

The charity provides mentoring and specialist support to those who need it most in the region. Sheffield Futures provide support and activities to help steer young people towards a more positive future, one in which they can fulfil their full potential in learning, employment and life.

The report was launched at Sheffield Futures Showcase Event on 18th July at the Workstation. At the event, four videos were shown, demonstrating how all Sheffield Futures services provide support to local people in four key areas: improved social skills, life skills and independence; enabling community participation and belonging; meaningful progression in education, employment and training and improved health and wellbeing.

Lord Mayor, Cllr Anne Murphy, launched the Showcase Event said: “Sheffield Futures have a huge impact on the lives of young people and communities in Sheffield. Today’s communities face many challenges and Sheffield Futures work is vital to helping local people overcome the barriers to success.”

Olympian, and Sheffield Futures Ambassador, Bryony Page, attended the event as well as Sheffield Young Advisors who were part of a “youth takeover” of all Sheffield Futures social media accounts. One young person on the Talent Match programme, Laura, told her story, from homelessness through to successfully sustaining employment. Young Advisor, Jess Chittenden, recorded a video where she talks about how Sheffield Futures have helped her to gain confidence and to become the person she is today.

The Impact Report 2016/17 is available on the Sheffield Futures website:

Ambassador Inspires the Next Generation of Young Women

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In celebration of International Women’s Day, 8th March, Sheffield Futures has announced their latest Youth Ambassador, Kavita Donkersly, founder of the formidable blog – She Wears Fashion.

Hailing from Sheffield, 24-year-old blogger Kavita is proud to be a Youth Ambassador as she is a strong advocate for inspiring young people to follow their passion like she did.

Kavita said: “I started my blog because I’d just moved schools and I basically had no friends. I was really lonely and I wasn’t particularly fashionable but I felt like there was a community online that understood me and I found creativity that I never realised I had. I’d always been very academic at school and you’re pushed to be very academic, especially because you want to get good grades. Doing my blog meant that I had an outlet and I could be creative.”

Kavita’s blog, She Wears Fashion has gone on to become one of the top fashion blogs in the UK. As a Youth Ambassador Kavita hopes to pass on her skills and experience to the young people that Sheffield Futures support across the Sheffield region and she will be hosting social media workshops at Sheffield Futures youth clubs this year. National Careers Week is also currently taking place and Kavita thinks that young people need to be given the chance to change their minds and discover what they want to do.

Kavita says:When I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer because my dad was a lawyer. I also wanted to be a singer or an actress when I was younger until I realised I couldn’t sing…and I couldn’t act. My blog started as a hobby. For three years I did it because I loved it and it was a way to be creative. When you start something, you should never just expect it to take off overnight. I worked part time in a retail job I hated, so I could save money until I could blog full time. When I first got paid for blogging, I realised I could turn this into a career because my blog was becoming popular. I was really passionate about it and I never gave up. Even if it was just me and my mum reading the blog it was still important to me because I believed in it. It humbles me so much to know that it turned into a job that I love and I wake up everyday and I love it.”

Before she turned twenty, Kavita had never left the country. In the last four years as her blog has taken off, she has had the chance to visit 42 countries. She has been invited to attend fashion week events all over the world. She has met Rihanna and Katy Perry and has collaborated with brands such as H&M, Lacoste and Miss Selfridge. With so much success it may be surprising to find out that even Kavita sometimes still doubts herself.

“Everyone doubts themselves whether you’re in a job like mine or whether you’re in a normal nine to five. You always question whether you’re going down the right path. I never thought I would do something in fashion. Sometimes other people’s opinions of me when they find out I do fashion makes me doubt myself. At the end of the day, as much as I love my job, if it ended up not being a job anymore because people didn’t care anymore, I know I could throw myself into something else. I think a lot of people look at my job and think it’s the best job in the world. I get to travel the world, I get free clothes but one of the worst things about my job is the online hate. There’s always someone who doesn’t like you whether you’re the best person in the world or the worst person in the world. You could be the nicest, most beautiful person and people will still call you horrible things, so you might as well just be yourself.

Building her own brand for the last eight years from scratch has meant that she has had to remain focused. There are many people who inspire here to keep motivated. Kavita explains: “I have to get up everyday and produce content. Weekends aren’t a thing. My job is all the time. There are other women in the industry that really inspire me but the people who inspire me the most are people who have businesses and that have started from nothing. I try not to get to the point where I look up to someone so much that I end up not feeling good enough. I think blogging is hard and a very female orientated industry. I think the media does a lot to make women feel like they should compete with each other and that they’re not good enough, so I try to avoid doing that to myself.“

Kavita wants to encourage young people who are not sure what they want to do after school to visit Sheffield Futures at their Division Street one-stop-shop for support and guidance from their qualified staff. Sheffield Futures also run Careers Clinics in schools across the Sheffield region support young people into employment, further education and training opportunities. As a Sheffield Futures Youth Ambassador Kavita hopes to inspire young people to explore their career options and to try not to feel pressured and stressed about their futures.

“For people who don’t know what they want to do after school, I’d say don’t just do a degree because you feel like you have to. I think if you really don’t want to go to university because you don’t know what you want to do, get a job, graft a little bit. Take some time to figure out what you want to do. No one knows what they want to do at 18, I didn’t”, said Kavita.

Visit or contact 0114 201 2800 to see how Sheffield Futures can help you. Please email [email protected] if you would like to become a Sheffield Futures Ambassador.

National Careers Week – How Jack turned his passion into Pie!

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Today marks the beginning of National Careers Week, which promotes the importance of good careers education in schools and colleges. British Pie Week also kicks off today, so we spoke with Sheffield Futures supporter, Jack Norman of pop up shop Pie Eyed, to discuss how he turned his passion of making pies into a career and why he would like to encourage young people to pursue a career they love.

Jack Norman, owner of Pie Eyed said: “I never really knew what I wanted to be when I was at school. No one really ever sat us down and said, ‘you know what guys, you can run your own business’. I never expected to be a pie man. I worked at big high street chain restaurants when I was at university. I got to the end of my degree and unfortunately I lost my dad. He had always wanted to run his own business, so I just thought ‘sod it’, and here we are today.”

At Sheffield Futures we work with young people across the Sheffield region to help them plan their futures after school. Leaving school can be a scary and confusing time when lots of young people are unsure of what route to take.

“I went for a lot of corporate job interviews after university and that inspired me not to go down that route. Sheffield is full of great independent businesses and business owners. Sometimes you’re working hard and you think you’re working harder than anyone else in the world when you just want to be home watching television. Then you meet other business owners in Sheffield and it reminds you that you’re doing the right thing and you’re not alone. It gives you motivation to keep going” said Jack.

Jack is a supporter of the drop in sessions that Sheffield Futures run, as well as their Careers Clinics they hold in schools across the Sheffield region. Both services are run by qualified staff that support young people into employment, further education and training opportunities.

Talking about taking the plunge into opening his own business in 2014, Jack said: “The thing is, it is a lot of work. When we started, we didn’t know a thing. There wasn’t a secret pie recipe, we spent weeks looking at how to build your own website. Obviously you can pay people to do everything for you but when you have a small budget, you have to put in a lot of hard work yourself.”

Jack would advise young people who are unsure of what they want to do after school to visit one of Sheffield Futures drop in sessions to help them understand their options. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong in taking your time to discover what you want to do.”

Visit Careers Advice to see how Sheffield Futures can help you.

Twelve Days of Sheffield Futures!

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Sheffield Futures, showed they could rock around the Christmas tree by releasing a video of staff performing the Twelve Days of Christmas, with a charity twist!

The Marketing and Communications team and re-worked the song to celebrate successful activities raising funds to give Sheffield’s young people the future they deserve. Throughout the year Sheffield Futures run activities and campaigns aimed at giving young people education and employment opportunities, whilst also helping young people at risk in Sheffield. The local charity has done lots of vital youth service work over the last 12 months, so to finish of the year on a light-hearted note, they put on their Christmas hats and sweaters and showed that although they play a positive part Sheffield’s future, they may not have a future in music.

Whilst the harmonies may be few and far between, the Christmas spirit comes in bucket loads. You can see the full version of the video on the Sheffield Futures YouTube channel: and the video is also being released in 12 segments on social media until Christmas Eve. The song’s lyrics detail many of the ways that Sheffield Futures help young people to succeed, “Sheffield Futures gave to me life guidance for a better me!”

Young people speak out about the barriers they face whilst seeking employment

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Young people supported by the Talent Match Sheffield City Region (SCR) Programme met to discuss the barriers that face young job seekers. MP Paul Blomfield attended the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) Festival of Social Science event to discover how the Government can help young people to find employment.

The aim of the Festival of Social Science is to understand how social research informs policy and gives a better understanding of the society we live in. Young people’s futures: fulfilling work in the Sheffield City Region was hosted by Sheffield Hallam University and Talent Match SCR to discover solutions to three main priorities: mental health problems and learning disabilities, transport and employer engagement. These issues and potential solutions were fed back to MP Paul Blomfield, to take forward for positive change.

In Sheffield City Region, 20% of young people (30,000) are unemployed. Since 2014, Coaches from Talent Match SCR have supported 1500 18-25 year olds. Of these young people, 27% have experienced mental ill health, 16% have experienced homelessness and 10% have been convicted of a criminal offence. 97% of the people on the programme have received vital one-to-one support.

The group, made of young people and their workers, discussed how young people reporting poor mental health or learning disabilities can be supported whilst searching for employment. Talent Match SCR have been helping to address any issues by increasing counselling support for young people on the programme. It was suggested that services should be more readily available for people who work full time, for instance, evenings and weekends with an online support network.

Laura, a young person on the Talent Match programme said: “Employers need to trial different ways to support people with mental health problems; looking beyond counselling to things like art therapy.”

Kyle, a young person on the Talent Match programme said: “I have Aspergers and some people I work with don’t know how to speak to me, they’ve even asked me if I’ve processed tasks properly. We need to have a campaign about what language should be used to speak about learning disabilities and mental health. I’m lucky; my Talent Match Coach has taken the time to understand me and knows how to talk to me. The one-to-one support I have is very useful.”

Peter Wells, Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research, Sheffield Hallam University, said: “Large employers might have the correct policies and procedures in place but it’s about understanding the individual.”

Some young people on the Talent Match SCR programme felt that they received support whilst searching for employment, but this support was no longer available once they entered employment. It was felt amongst those in employment that employers should engage more with their workers, with transparent feedback, equal treatment of staff and progressing staff ideas. Kyle said: “Employers need to go to the beehive and speak to the bees!”

Transport is often listed as a barrier for young people seeking employment. Some of the young attendees said that they did not feel confident asking if they were on the correct bus and others spoke about how they were unable to find the correct transport as everything is focussed on digital. “Some of the young people we support are homeless and don’t have a phone with internet access, others often have no credit, or their phones aren’t regularly charged. People presume that all young people are digital natives, but that is not the case with the young people we work with. It all comes down to affordability and accessibility” said A participant at the event.

There are many more barriers for young people seeking employment. Talent Match SCR runs a young people’s involvement team, giving those on the programme the chance to have their say and change things for the better. The group have implemented counselling, to assist with mental health problems, workplace buddies and more.

Paul Blomfield MP said: “I’m glad that [Talent Match SCR and Sheffield Hallam University] are doing this work and I’m really keen to hear more about the issues facing young people seeking employment. One of the challenges of being a Member of Parliament is that I represent 113,000 people across Sheffield and knowing what life is like for them; what the issues are and finding the solutions are only possible when we come together.”

Connor’s Story

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Connor had been doing nothing for a couple of months after completing his Games Development course at college. He visited the job club at Sheffield Futures, where he was signposted to Street League, a sport for employment charity. 

After an initial meeting, he signed up for the 10-week level 1 employment qualification. Connor said: “Street League massively helped me, they made me believe in myself and become much more confident and social.”

After a short placement at PlusNet, Connor now works on the delivery team at KnowHow. He says “it’s brilliant, I love it!”

We’re so pleased that Connor has found employment he enjoys. If you know someone who could benefit from a bit of help and signposting in the right direction, why not visit us at Sheffield Futures? We have drop-in job clubs 5 days a week, see our Careers Advice page for more information.

Connor is pictured above with a Street League staff member.

Volunteering helped Sheffield teen find her future career

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Volunteering at Sheffield Futures, was the starting point that helped local teen make positive changes in her life.

Nineteen year old Courtney Castledine was filled with excitement as we spoke to her on the first day of her new full time job at Talent Match Sheffield City Region. Courtney began volunteering at Sheffield Futures at the age of thirteen after a series of challenges at school. Sheffield Futures provides local young people with the support and opportunities that enable them to make positive choices in their lives.

Growing up, Courtney explained how she didn’t get on well at school: “I struggled with all sorts at school…I wanted to do the best I could but found it difficult.” Courtney’s school referred her to Sheffield Futures who have links with schools all across the city.

Courtney defines her mentors at Sheffield Futures as part of her family. Speaking fondly of her time volunteering, she describes how she got involved with art projects at the local youth clubs that Sheffield Futures run. She particularly enjoyed designing anti-bullying posters: “I was so passionate about designing the posters, helping other people was all I ever wanted to do. I wanted to use my experience to give something back and help other young people”

At age sixteen, after volunteering at the youth clubs, her mentor suggested she go for the role of Young Advisor at Sheffield Futures. Young Advisors are paid to help organisations make their services youth friendly. As part of Young Advisors, Courtney went on to win the National Young Advisors Impact Award. She stated: “Being a Young Advisor built up my confidence massively. I wouldn’t be able to sit here and talk to you if I didn’t have all the previous experience. I probably wouldn’t have got the job I have now.”

During Courtney’s time as a Young Advisor she applied for a Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship through The Source, which helped her to secure her new full time job as an Admin Assistant for Talent Match Sheffield City Region. After completing the Apprenticeship Courtney has now been kept on and is helping to coordinate support for other young people aged between 18 – 24, looking to gain access to employment, education and training.

We can help you in many ways, from careers advice, to volunteering opportunities!

Young man lands dream career in Engineering with support from Sheffield Futures

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Mikias Misganew, a 17-year-old Engineering student, accessed our Job Club when he was unable to progress in his studies due to his level of English.

Mikias was disappointed that improving his English skills was going to delay the completion of his Engineering qualifications. He was keen to stay on track with his studies, which would ultimately lead to his ideal job.

Paul Spencer, a Targeted Youth Support Assistant, worked with Mikias to explore his options but explained to him how important a good use of English would be for his future. He helped Mikias to look for engineering training providers who would allow him to continue with his studies alongside studying English.

Paul contacted several training providers to see if this would be possible for Mikias and managed to find somewhere for him to complete his Level 2 Engineering course at the same time as an English course.

Mikias was appreciative of the support he received from Paul at the Job Club, and is currently applying for apprenticeships for when he has completed the Level 2 qualification. He said: “I want to thank Paul so much for everything he’s done for me. I am enjoying my course; I am getting the hang of it and it seems to be going fine. I appreciate everything Paul has done for me from the bottom of my heart.”

Paul feels great job satisfaction in being able to help young people such as Mikias. He said: “Mikias is now coming on in leaps and bounds. I kept in touch with him when he started his qualification to ensure he was coping. He was so grateful for the support and advice we gave him, but I’m only doing my job. I could see he was interested and keen to carry on in Engineering so I wanted to help him get sorted.”

How you can help

Our charity is dedicated to helping Sheffield's young people to reach their full potential and achieve the best out of life, whatever their starting point. To help us to do more to support young people and communities we need your help. Just remember, every penny you donate will make a difference.