Sexual Health Week 2018: Safe sex & consent

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It’s Sexual Health Awareness Week next week 24 – 30 September. This year the theme is consent.

Consent means agreeing to do something and when it comes to sex it means agreeing to take part in sexual activity.

Brook is the leading sexual health charity for young people under the age of 25 and has some great resources on its website relating to safe sex and consent.

Check out this link to find out more about consent and your rights, including age of consent, sex, consent and your rights, enthusiastic consent and what is sexual harassment?

Also check out this video, Sex is like tea – which explains whether it’s tea or sex, consent is everything.

Help with sexual health

If you feel like you could benefit from talking face to face with someone about sexual health and how to protect yourself then come and talk to one of our friendly staff at Door 43 who can help out with things like providing condoms, pregnancy tests as well as basic STI screening.

If you feel like you want to talk to someone in confidence about any of these services please come in to Star House between 11am and 3pm Monday to Friday.

Help for those who may be at risk of sexual exploitation

Here at Sheffield Futures we also run a service for children under 18 who may be at risk of being sexually exploited. If you feel you need help or may be vulnerable in this way we can help.

Child sexual exploitation can happen to anyone. It is never the young person’s fault and there is help available.

Is this you?

  • You are under 18
  • You are friends with older adults
  • You have an older boyfriend or girlfriend
  • You stay out late and even all night
  • You don’t stay in with your family and friends your own age very much
  • You don’t go to school
  • You have tried drugs and alcohol
  • You chat to people online who you have never met
  • You are sending or receiving inappropriate images
  • Sometimes people don’t know where you are

Help is here waiting for you.

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, the Sheffield Sexual Exploitation Service can help you. Call us in the strictest of confidence now on 0114 201 8645. You’re not to blame for what’s been happening and you are not going to get into trouble. Help is here waiting for you so call us on 0114 201 8645 or email [email protected] in the strictest of confidence.


Volunteer Week – Michael’s Story

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It’s the last day of Volunteer Week 2018 and our last chance to celebrate and share the fantastic work that volunteers do for Sheffield Futures. From supporting young people in our youth clubs, to helping adults in the Job Shop, to chatting with the group that attend our Well Being Cafe, to fundraising, our volunteers graciously give their time, effort, energy and more! We couldn’t do it without you, so thank you!

Throughout this week, we’ve been sharing the personal stories from our volunteers, letting you know how they got involved, who they help and who’s benefited!

On the last day, we have Michael’s story to share with you. Michael is a volunteer at All Saints Youth Club. Since he began, he’s got stuck in and very much involved. This is his story…

I have been volunteering for just under half a year with Sheffield Futures at All Saints youth club. Previously, I was volunteering with Burngreave library, which caters to the whole community and includes activities specifically aimed at youth groups, like games clubs, homework clubs and also events, such as World Book Day, which focuses on young readers.

However, I was looking to focus on working solely with young people, so found out about Sheffield Futures and had an informal interview to see if they had a suitable volunteer position in the Burngreave area.

Luckily, Sheffield Futures does have a nearby youth club, All Saints, where I’ve been helping out weekly. We work in a relaxed atmosphere and play sports, like table tennis, basketball and pool, as well as computer games. I have been able to get to know the young people in the area and like being able to chat about anything they wish! 

There has been a string of crimes in the area over the last year and I believe youth clubs, such as All Saints, play an important role in reducing anti-social behaviour amongst young people, creating a sense of community instead of alienation. 

I am glad I have taken this opportunity to support the local community and hope to continue to work with young people. I would recommend to anyone with an interest in working with youth in Sheffield to contact Sheffield Futures, as they provide all the support required, regardless of previous youth work experience, to allow you to feel confident in working in this field!


If you want to make a difference and get involved with volunteering, you can find all our opportunities here!

Thank you for reading our amazing stories from our very own volunteers this week. We’re proud and honoured to have such a great volunteer team supporting us all the way! To anyone who’s interested in volunteering then we recommend just getting stuck in! It’s fun, beneficial and very rewarding!

Happy Volunteers Week!

National Citizen Service: Giving back to the community

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Sheffield Futures celebrated the achievements made by 111 young people on the National Citizen Service programme earlier this month.

Over the course of 4 weeks this summer young people aged 17 and 18 from across Sheffield came together to work on social action projects that would directly benefit the local community.

During the four weeks, our young people spent time on an outdoor residential undertaking adventurous activities, learning to work as a team, developing leadership skills and pushing themselves to achieve things they never thought possible.

In weeks two and three, young people developed life skills learning essential skills such as how to live independently and budget as well as undertaking a social action project for a local charity. Our NCS graduates supported local charities with fundraising initiatives and care packages including those for the City’s homeless. Those that benefited included young people in our own Community Youth Teams across the city and the Door 43 emotional health and wellbeing service. Other organisations that benefited included Chilypep, Water Aid, Bluebell Wood, Richmond Care Home, Roundabout, Sheffield Mind, Archer Project and Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

‘We’re so proud of all the fantastic young people that have gone on the National Citizen Service journey with us this Summer. What a fantastic achievement to challenge yourself in such an all-encompassing way, living away from home and working as part of a team to benefit those in need within our community.’ Says Gail Gibbons, CEO of Sheffield Futures.

‘We know from our celebration event that the young people involved gained a lot from the NCS programme this year and we look forward to welcoming the next set of young people onto the programme.’ Gail continues.

Sheffield Futures is one of the delivery partners for the National Citizen Service in Sheffield.

Our Duke of Edinburgh open award students receive their Gold Award at Buckingham Palace

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#Nomineat challenge

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We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in our #nomineat challenge in support of money for life by sharing some of the entries with you all. As well as sharing and receiving meal tips across social media we have posted money tips and diaries to support young people who may be interested in learning budgeting skills. You can see some of our posts and tips to creating budget meals on the slideshow below. #nomineatsuccess!

One Minute With..Dan White our new Head of Targeted Services and Health

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We asked Dan White, our new Head of Targeted Services and Health a few questions about himself and his new role. Welcome Dan!

  1. What gets you out of bed in the morning? A: The idea that I’m going to be part of something amazing today
  2. What is your biggest achievement to date – personal or professional? A: Being a parent to the best children ever
  3. How would you describe your day job to a child? A: Protecting young people and creating exciting projects which provide opportunities to help you achieve your full potential.
  4. What do you think the biggest challenges are for us supporting Sheffield’s young people? A: There are loads, but competing against negative social influences young people are exposed to via social media broadcasts is a big one. Also, keeping up with the rapid changes or challenging circumstances in the lives of young people.
  5. When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? My leaving do on the last day of my previous job.

Join Art Breakers youth theatre company!

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Interested in theatre? Join Art Breakers, a project that internationally-acclaimed theatre company Forced Entertainment is running for young people in Sheffield!

Starting in February, Art Breakers will be running weekly sessions on Tuesday evenings, 4:30-6:30pm, at Theatre Deli, Sheffield (the old Mothercare building, Eyre Street). The first session will be February 27th.

Art Breakers is an out-of-the-ordinary youth theatre. Grown from Forced Entertainment’s unique and acclaimed 30-year practice of experimentation, it is a space for inventing, breaking the rules, invading the stage and making a brilliant mess.

The idea here is to build a strong collective with the same people meeting every week, rather than a drop-in/drop-out series of sessions. It’s a chance for young people to become part of a company and to work collaboratively to make brave, exciting and genre-defying new work. They actively welcome a sense of adventure and challenging of the status quo.

Interested? Join them for a FREE taster session! Register today!

They are soon opening public applications to be part of the company, at a cost of £30 per half-term. Although, they are very keen that young people who might not have easy access to this opportunity do not miss out, so they have some limited fully-funded bursary places that they would like to offer to any young people who are in touch with Sheffield Futures.

There’s more information, plus some images of a pilot scheme here: https://www.forcedentertainment.com/project/art-breakers/

Please contact Hester Chillingworth, Creative Producer, email: [email protected]

See the Forced Entertainment website here.

National Citizen Service – staff development plan singled out as best practice

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Our involvement team are doing a fantastic job of delivering the NCS programme especially as we picked up the contract late in the day. Not only are the team doing really well with recruitment and warm up activities but they have been singled out as an example of good practice by the prime contractor – EFL Trust.

The recruitment of young people for our NCS programme continues. If you know of young people who are 15 to 17 years-old and would benefit from a 3-4 week experience that helps build confidence and self-belief then please send them this link.


Young people can live away from home, develop skills and meet amazing people. Food, accommodation and activities, all in for up to £50.

Are you a young carer who needs a break?

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Do you know a young carer who is isolated and in need of a break?

Is lack of money stopping them from getting much-needed respite? If so, the Young Carers Activity Fund could help.

Sheffield Young Carers administer the Young Carers Activity Fund on behalf of Sheffield City Council to give young carers aged under 18 up to £300 to fund a break from their caring role. This could include things like music lessons, spa days, a gym membership or activity equipment for home like a trampoline, a magazine or film subscription, or a computer.

The next closing date for applications is Friday 9th February 2018

Here’s how the grant has made a difference in the past:

“I would just like to say a very big thank you for my grant! I have been able to buy all the sports clothing & equipment that I needed and I now feel really well prepared and comfortable … It has also meant that my Mum doesn’t have to worry about finding money… which has helped a lot!”

“The grant has helped me buy a new bike and all the safety equipment I needed to be road safe. This has meant that I now have the freedom to get out and about with my friends and explore both my local area and further afield… I’ve never had so much exercise since having my own bike! I would just like to say a massive thank you and will keep you posted of my biking adventures!”

Please note: This fund is only open to young carers who are NOT currently part of Sheffield Young Carers or on our waiting list as they will get respite through our service. For details and other eligibility criteria, please see: www.sheffieldyoungcarers.org.uk/young-carers-activity-fund

Money tips for 2018

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Our talent match support worker, Mabz, has put together a set of money saving tips in support of our Money for life. If you’re aged between 16-25 and you want to become more cash confident, you could book onto a money master class. You can register here!


How you can help

Our charity is dedicated to helping Sheffield's young people to reach their full potential and achieve the best out of life, whatever their starting point. To help us to do more to support young people and communities we need your help. Just remember, every penny you donate will make a difference.