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GCSE Results 2021 – What you need to know

Thursday 12th August is results day. It’s been an anxious time but stay calm – we’re here to help! 

How will I get my results?
You get them from your school or college but check the arrangements with them.    

Remind me how they’ve worked out my grades.
They’ve been assessed by your teachers, based on how you’ve performed, e.g. in class, coursework, homework or tests.   

Will my grades look different?
No, they will look the same as any other year. 

What if I think my grades are wrong?
1. Speak to your school as they will first carry out their own review. If you’re still not happy you can then ask them to appeal to the exam board. Bear in mind that, if you appeal, your grade can go up, down or stay the same. The deadline for submitting an appeal is 17th September but your school or college may set an earlier deadline so check with them.  

  1. You can re-sit any GCSEs you’re not happy with in the autumn.

What if I re-sit and get an even lower grade?
Don’t worry, whichever grade is higher will be your official result. 

If I appeal or re-sit will I get my new grade in time to start my course?
The school or college will make the decision but bear in mind that appeals are accepted until 17th September and GCSE re-sits will be in November or December, so the new term will have started. Speak to the school or college where you hope to study.  

What if I haven’t got the grades I need but don’t want to appeal or re-sit? 
Speak to the college or sixth form where you’re hoping to study. If the course is offered at different levels, then you might be able to switch to one that matches your grades.  

Can you remind me what these levels mean!
Level 1 courses normally need GCSE grades 1-2 or equivalent.
Level 2 courses normally need GCSE grades 3 or equivalent, including English and sometimes maths.
Level 3 courses normally need at least 4 or 5 GCSE grades 9-4 or equivalent, including English and sometimes maths. 

What if I want to do A Levels but don’t get the grades I need?
This is more complicated because A Level are only at Level 3. You might need to look at new options so get advice. Speak to your careers adviser if they’re in school on results day. You can also ring the Sheffield City Council Community Youth Team helpline: 0114 273 4462. 

What if I took vocational qualifications?
Many vocational qualifications have also been assessed by teachers or tutors, and the results are coming out at the same time as (or earlier than) GCSEs. However, if there are practical assessments and, if it wasn’t possible to do them safely, then the result might be delayed. Your school or college can tell you more or you can visit this website. 

What if I’ve done better than I expected?
Good question! If you’ve got the grades to start a higher-level course (e.g. Level 3 instead of Level 2) then ask if you can switch. If you’d like to chat to an adviser then see if they’re in school or ring the Sheffield City Council Community Youth Team helpline: 0114 273 4462. 

How do I contact the sixth forms and colleges?
There may be a member of staff in school, or available to speak to, on results day. If not, check their websites for a phone number or email address.  

How do I enrol on my course?
Check with the school or college as arrangements vary. You may be able to do part of the enrolment online but there may also be an onsite event which might need booking in advance.  

How will they teach us in the autumn?
The school or college will tell you. Even if there are no government restrictions there might still be some extra measures in place.  

What if I don’t want to do a full-time course?
Broadly speaking, the main options are:
Apprenticeships are paid jobs with part time study. The entry requirements are set by the employer and also depend on the level of training. For example, an intermediate apprenticeship might expect some grades 3 or equivalent (or set a test) while for an advanced apprenticeship you will probably need some grades 9-4 or equivalent. The employer will also want young people who are ready for work.  

Traineeships and study programmes
Traineeships and study programmes can give you skills and experience to help you get an apprenticeship. They’re classed as full time learning so they don’t pay a wage but your parents / carers can claim Child Benefit for you (up to age 20) and, if you’re facing hardship, you may also get a 16-19 Bursary.  

What other help is there?  
Your careers adviser might be in school on results day.
Sheffield City Council Community Youth Teams (CYTs) are running a helpline: 0114 273 4462 Mon-Fri 9.00am-4.00pm or email: [email protected] 
You can check out all local courses on Sheffield Progress.

The National Careers Service has an Exam Results Helpline: 0800 100 900

For apprenticeship and traineeship vacancies: 

Inspire_SY run an ‘Opportunity hour’ every Thursday, 1-2pm, read more here.  

If the stress is getting to you, check out our wellbeing services or follow us on Instagram, or email:  [email protected]