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Lockdown tips for Year 11 students in Sheffield

So here we are again, back in lockdown and schools are closed, only this time you’re in Year 11 and this is a really crucial stage for you. Not only is it your GCSE year, but you also have to decide what to do after Year 11 and possibly make applications. We understand this might feel like a worrying time – but we’re here to help.  

If you have a Sheffield Futures careers adviser working in your school then you can still get in touch with them – scroll down for contact details. We will also be posting updates over the next few weeks so that you know what you need to do and how to get help.    

Top 3 tips for Year 11 students

  1. Keep up with your school-work. The government has announced that GCSEs, A Levels and AS Levels have been cancelled for this summer. Instead your grades are going to be based on your teachers’ assessments (with the details still being worked out). It’s important to keep following lessons and to complete any work that’s set. If you have any problems, whether they’re to do with technology or with your work, let you school know. 

  2. Make your Sheffield Progress applications if you haven’t already done so. The Sheffield Progress deadline is currently January 31st but your school may need you to submit before then. 

  3. Tell your Sheffield Futures careers adviser if you need any help. Contact details below. If you don’t have a Sheffield Futures careers adviser at your school but are unsure who to ask for support, you can email [email protected] 

Birley – [email protected] 

Park Academy and Stocksbridge – [email protected] 

Hinde House and Newfield – [email protected] 

Yewlands – [email protected] 

Longley Park – [email protected] 

Chaucer and Forge Valley – [email protected] 

Notre Dame – [email protected] 

High Storrs, All Saints and Handsworth – [email protected] 

Firvale – [email protected] 

Westfield – [email protected] 


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