NCS Summer 2019

How was NCS Summer 2018? “Well organised with great activities. Chance to meet new people and try new things. Helps fill that long summer after GCSEs!”

“The skills the young people learn are valuable and meet new friends it starts them on a positive future ahead!”

“It gave my child the opportunity to do so much! Activity wise, meeting and making new friends built her confidence no end. It was such a great price too.”

Thousands of young people, like yourself, will be taking part in NCS this year. You will benefit from new adventures, new experiences, new skills and make new friends for life!

On this page, you will find all the essential information you need to make your NCS adventure an incredible one. Sheffield Futures are one of the local delivery providers for the NCS Programme in Sheffield.

NCS is a four week programme, here is what you can expect!

Week 1: The Great Outdoors

Your residential will take place at one of the top outdoor adventure facilities, more details will be found in your welcome letter. Each day you will be challenged in different ways, undertaking adventurous activities. You will face individual challenges but have support of team-mates to overcome fears you may have. So you will learn to work as a team, develop leadership skills and push yourself to achieve things you never thought you would. Check out the kit list below to see what you will need for NCS week 1 and 2!

Week 2: The Team Challenge

The second week is based closer to your community. You and your team will face the initial challenge of staying in local student accommodation whist budgeting and catering for yourselves. You will be taking part in activities that will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and build the skills you need to develop and deliver your teams social action project.

Weeks 3 and 4: Social Action

This is your opportunity to transform the local community with your team. These are non-residential weeks, where you will be staying at home and coming to us each day! Please bring a packed lunch or lunch money as it will not be provided over these 2 weeks. The first week will be the planning and preparation phase and then in the second week you will be out and about putting your planning into action. Your leaders will be on hand to help, but it is up to you and your team to decide what to do, plan how to do it and present your idea to a panel of experts. Whether it is the biggest social media campaign Sheffield has ever seen to spread awareness of a cause you care about or decorating the local youth club, there are so many projects your team can create! In week 4 you and your team will each give 30 hours of your time to deliver the project and make it come alive

Dates to be announced.

To sign up to NCS Summer 2019, email: or phone: 0114 201 7519

Once you have completed your NCS adventure you and your parent/guardians will be invited to an amazing graduation ceremony celebrating all you have achieved over the summer. It is an opportunity to congratulate the rest of your team, cement your friendships and present your social action projects.

The summer programme is just the start of your NCS journey and for those who are interested you can continue your journey supporting others through the NCS Graduate Scheme.

What happens if I sign up and I cant attend?

  • You need to call us on 0114 201 7519 as soon you are aware of this as it may be that we can move you on to a different programme, and we may have people on a waiting list for a place.

Will I be allowed to take and use my mobile phone?

  • Yes! You will be allowed to bring it however please note we do not claim any responsibility for any that are lost or damaged.

Do I need to attend the entire programme?

  • Yes! You will need to complete all parts of the programme to graduate and receive your certificate. If, for any reason, you need to miss part of the programme or are feeling unhappy please speak to your Team Leader.

Which meals are provided?

  • During weeks 1 and 2 you will need to bring a packed lunch on the first day of each week. However all other meals will be provided by the centre and through the budget you are given in week 2. During weeks 3 and 4 you will need to bring your own packed lunch or lunch money for those weeks.

Our Policies

  • Sheffield Futures has many policies and procedures to protect young people, for instance our Safeguarding and Health and Safety policy. If you or your parent/carer would like to see a particular policy, please contact a member of staff.
  • Alcohol, drugs and weapons will not be tolerated on the NCS programme and will result in immediate dismissal, so please don not bring them.


  • It is your responsibility to travel to and from the meeting points where transport has been pre-arranged and travel to/from agreed venues where transport has not be pre arranged. Please contact us if transport costs are a problem and we may be able to help.

Participants Code of Conduct

  • We want everyone to have a fantastic time on the NCS programme and all participants are asked to sign a code of conduct. Any breaches of the code of conduct may result in warnings or removal from programme. Travel costs incurred due to this will not be covered by Sheffield Futures.


Please bring the following clothing and other items with you:


  • 2 towels
  • Toiletries i.e. toothbrush, toothpaste...


  • Please bring any medication you may need clearly labelled with your name and ensure its stated on the medical form you will receive.
  • Sun cream


  • 2 pairs of solid trainers (that are comfortable to walk in, and that can get wet/muddy)
  • 1 x shoes for inside


  • Coat – preferably waterproof
  • Waterproof trousers


  • Trousers (preferably not jeans)
  • T-shirts
  • Jumpers
  • Nightwear
  • Underwear and socks
  • Appropriate clothing for water activities


  • Plastic bag for wet/dirty clothes
  • Torch
  • Water bottle


  • 1 travel bag (suitcase/holdall)
  • 1 day bag (rucksack)

Get in touch!

Sheffield Futures, National Citizen Service, Star House, 43 Division Street, Sheffield, S1 4GE

Tel: 0114 201 7519     Email:

Twitter: @SheffFutures        Insta: sheffieldfutures


How you can help

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