Pink Project Gender Specific Programme

The Pink Project is a national programme that can be commissioned for groups of young women. The sessions help young women with personal and social development by giving them an awareness of healthy relationships and the confidence to be assertive, protecting them from potential harm.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To learn how to use assertiveness to express thoughts and emotions
  • To increase awareness of healthy relationships and identify acceptable and unacceptable behaviour within a relationship
  • To understand the concept of self esteem and identify factors that influence self esteem
  • To understand the link between low self esteem and risky situations

Suitable for:

Female group aged 12 – 19 years, in particular those who are at risk of being involved in, or are affected by:

  • sexual exploitation
  • gang affiliation
  • sexual violence

National Curriculum:

  • Key Stage 3 and 4: PSHE > Non-statutory

Sample Programme

  • Session 1 – Group activities to create safe space
  • Session 2 – Self esteem
  • Session 3 – Feelings and actions
  • Session 4 – Assertiveness
  • Session 5 – Relationships
  • Session 6 – Role models and raising aspirations

Based on a 6 session programme of 90 minutes per session, for 8 young people. Price includes delivery by qualified workers, resources, refreshments, delivery venue and accreditation.
* For current costs see separate price list.

‚ÄúI enjoyed the Pink Project sessions a lot, I really felt like the staff understood me. I’m much more confident and less sensitive to criticism from others.‚Äù

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