Young Advisors blog

The Young Advisors’ blog is the place to find out how young people in Sheffield are thinking and feeling about living, working and studying here. They’ll be talking about politics, money, sex, mental health, education and more.

If you’ve got something important to discuss with our Young Advisors, they might be up for interviewing you! Drop us a line and let’s keep the conversation going.

photograph of a director's board about to be clapped

The Young Advisors take 2024

2023 for us Young Advisors felt like one of recuperation, realignment and reassessing what impact we wanted to make with the voice and platform that we have in our city. Without further ado, we would like to announce the five upcoming YA projects we have...
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A photograph captures the moment the cheque was handed over. In this image, representatives from HE Barnes and Sheffield Futures are standing on the dancefloor smiling at the camera, holding the giant cheque.

A Night to Remember: Celebrating HE Barnes Centenary Ball

On a memorable November evening, we found ourselves invited to the HE Barnes Centenary ball. This prestigious event, where Sheffield Futures were honoured as the Charity of the Year, offered an extraordinary opportunity for our work to be recognised and...
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Headshot of Mezab, the author of this blog and one of our Young Advisors. Mezab has long brown hair and wears glasses.

My Journey to Becoming A Passionate Young Advisor

From discovering the Young Advisors to overcoming initial nerves and becoming a valued part of the team, this is Mezab's...
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An Interview with Rainbow Blades

If you’re a Sheffield United fan and you haven’t heard of their LGBTQ+ supporters group Rainbow Blades then, have you been living under a rock? Since forming in early 2020, the supporters group has grown in leaps and bounds as they continue to grow...
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My experience of Sheffield’s Festival of Debate: Rage Against the Machine

In the week or so before, I said “It’ll be fine” and didn’t really consider it too deeply. Then a few days before, I realised I’d actually have to say something on stage....
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Sheffield: from the perspective of a young person

Written by John Slingsby, April 2023 "It’s such a lovely small town!” Mate, we’re the fourth largest city in England and you can’t speak about small towns, you’re literally from...
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