Get support

We’re here to support you to feel well and get into the right training, education and work that is right for you. 

This might mean supporting you to write your CV. It might be that you’d benefit from coming along to a Wellbeing Café. It might be that a counsellor is best placed to support you. It might mean getting some impartial career advice. 

You might need some help to write your CV or apply for job. You might benefit from coming along to a Wellbeing Café or working with a Counsellor. It might be that you want some impartial career advice before deciding on your options at school. Whatever it is, we’ve got your back.   

Better futures start with getting the support that is right for you. 

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Helping you get on track

Employment Coach, Chelsea, draws on her own experience of the care system to support young people. She’s all about aiming high, and even when the odds are against you, pursuing your dreams.