Sometimes life is hard, and it can be difficult to find ways to cope. Talking with someone you trust can really help. If you are aged 13–25 and live in Sheffield, our counselling service for young people may be able to support you.

Counselling is a type of talking therapy. It helps you understand your thoughts and feelings, and to get through challenging times. Your counsellor is there to listen to you and support you to find ways to move forward and get the most out of your life. They will offer a non-judgemental approach and safe space to explore whatever you choose.

Domestic abuse counselling

Need to talk to someone about domestic abuse? If you or someone you know has lived with, or experienced domestic abuse, we are here to help.

Our counsellors, who are trained in EDMR, are offering specialist counselling to young people aged 11-18 years old.

We provide a confidential safe place to be heard and someone to listen, in a range of venues including schools, refuges, our city centre location or remotely.

See our FAQs below for information on how to refer into this service.

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  • Feeling sad, unhappy or lonely 
  • Experiences of depression and/or anxiety 
  • Stress about school, exams or work 
  • Grief after someone you love or care about has died 
  • Relationships with friends, family or your partner 
  • Sexuality or gender 
  • Self-harm 
  • Suicidal thoughts or feelings 
  • Domestic abuse (see below for details) 

Once we have completed an initial assessment (which can take two sessions) and you have been accepted, we offer 12 sessions of counselling each lasting up to 50 minutes. Some people will benefit from just a couple of sessions, others may need longer. 

We accept referrals from young people, parents/carers/kinship carers, and professionals (such as a GP, teacher, social worker). If you would like to refer into our counselling service, please complete the referral form. Once this has been submitted you will be contacted by someone from Door43 about the most appropriate form of support.

If you would like information on referring into our Domestic Abuse counselling, please go to the question ‘How can I access Domestic Abuse counselling?’.

  • Confidentiality. We offer a confidential service. This means we wouldn’t usually pass on any information without asking you first. However, if we think you, or someone else, is in danger we would have to pass this on to the appropriate people.  
  • No judgement. Your counsellor will accept you and anything you want to talk about.  
  • No pressure. Talking about your life can sometimes feel difficult and may trigger emotional response, like sadness or anxiety. Your counsellor will help you manage these feelings and never pressure you to share anything you don’t want to. 
  • Autonomy. Your counsellor will help you explore what you think, how you feel, and find out what you want for yourself. You’re the expert in your own life. 
  • Respect and trust. You will be believed and trusted. Therapy is an opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings, no matter what they are.  

We offer specialist counselling for young people who have experienced domestic abuse. For this counselling, we are only able to accept referrals from professionals – such as GPs, teachers, social workers and charity workers. This counselling takes place in locations across the city, including schools, refuges and at Star House – as well as by phone and video call 

If you’ve experienced domestic abuse and would like to explore counselling, please ask a professional to contact us to make a referral. You can give them this email address and our telephone number: [email protected] & 0114 201 2800 

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If you have any questions about counselling, please email us.

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