Sheffield Mental Health Hub

A preventative hub and spoke model of early intervention structured group support for young people aged 11-25.

How it works

We use accessible, familiar venues at the heart of local communities, alongside our central hub Star House, to connect with young people in the spaces where they feel most comfortable.

Our focus

Through group work, we focus on building awareness and education of mental health, providing coping strategies, and normalising the correlation between social issues and mental health.

Schools and community groups

We work with each group to tailor the support to suit the group’s needs. There is no cost involved.

Early intervention means recognising the warning signs of a mental health challenge and acting before it gets worse. Done properly, it can save a person and their loved ones from stress, prevent more serious symptoms from developing, and reduce the likelihood of problems with work, family, and school. It can also help reduce costs to the NHS and Local Authority.

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