Door43 – Emotional, mental and sexual health support

Worried about your emotional or mental health?

You might not realise it, but emotional and mental health issues are quite common and you’re not on your own – we’re here to support you. Sometimes you just need space to think, and that’s cool, we all do. You can do that at Door43.


At Door43, lots of different people work together to make sure that we always have someone to hand who can help – including youth workers, counsellors, substance misuse workers, sexual health workers, careers advisors, volunteers, peers supporters and more!

Door 43 is an emotional wellbeing service within Sheffield Futures. We offer 13-25 year olds support on a range of issues in a young person-centred environment.

Door43 has been collaboratively developed with young people to ensure the model is able to improve access to a range of interventions that supports wellbeing. This includes:

  • Information and advice
  • Health clinics
  • Group work
  • Advocacy support
  • Counselling is provided by Interchange Sheffield

The service supports young people’s emotional health and wellbeing . . . preventing existing conditions worsening to crisis levels whilst improving coping mechanisms and increasing resilience.

We offer a Drop-in Service most days, but please call first to check availability 0114 201 2800


Feeling lonely or isolated? Suffering from low mood or lack of confidence? Or need practical support such as help accessing housing, education or jobs?

We run a social prescribing service for young people aged 13-25. Much like going to the GP for a prescription if you’re physically ill, we can work with you to prescribe activities, services and practical support that can help with a range of issues you may be facing such as:

  • Loneliness and isolation: We can help you to make new friends or find groups to make connections with others through activities you’re interested in
  • Difficulty accessing education or employment: We can provide practical support to coach you to understand opportunities for further education or with getting back into work
  • Low confidence, mood, wellbeing: We can support you to find ways to build confidence, improve mood and boost wellbeing and tackle any underlying issues you may have.

How does social prescribing work?

Once you sign up, much like a GP appointment you will have a 1:1 appointment with a link worker. The link worker will work with you to understand more about how you’re feeling and work with you to identify tailored support activities for you to reach your goals. This tailored support package is your social prescription. Once you’re all set, if you feel like you need further support you can organise a session with your link worker to review your goals or come in to the Door 43 Wellbeing Café to talk to others who are part of the project. We will also set a review to understand more about how social prescribing has helped you and any further support you may need.

You can find out more about social prescribing here.

How do I sign up?

Call Sheffield Futures on 0114 201800 or email or drop in to Star House and ask to sign up to the social prescribing project.

Worried about your sexual health?

All of our staff are trained to offer sexual health information and advice, STI screening, pregnancy tests, signposting to services and provide condoms.

Sex isn’t just about the physical stuff though, we can talk to you at any time if you’re concerned about relationships, porn, sexting or any other concerns you may have.

Did you know that at some pharmacies in Sheffield you can get emergency contraception and a test for STIs? The Wicker Associated Chemists, Boots on Fargate, Asda (Chaucer, Chapeltown and Handsworth) and The University Pharmacy on Glossop Road all participate in this. Search: Sexual Health Sheffield for more info!

We offer a Drop-in Service most days, but please call first to check availability 0114 201 2800 


Wellbeing Cafe

Free refreshments in a chilled space for you to relax and speak with others in similar situation to yourself, staffed by qualified workers, and a dedicated team of peer supporters and volunteers, so there’s always someone to lend a listening ear.

Tuesday’s 5-7pm at Star House


Drop in: We offer a Drop-in Service most days, but please call first to check availability 0114 201 2800 

How you can help

Our charity is dedicated to helping Sheffield's young people to reach their full potential and achieve the best out of life, whatever their starting point. To help us to do more to support young people and communities we need your help. Just remember, every penny you donate will make a difference.