About us

Here for Sheffield’s Young People, and the organisations and services that work with them

We are a charity supporting young people to feel well, have a voice and get into the training, education or work that’s right for them.

In 2024 we are focused on becoming a shared asset for young people and the youth space in Sheffield and the surrounding region. We have committed to becoming more accountable and open at a constitutional level, and fully youth-led and governed.

Our values and ways of working


  • Putting young people first and being truly young people led will always have the best outcomes.
  • Be evidence driven and we will always be heading in the right direction  
  • Good things will happen when all our team have a clear sense of the value they are trying to create, and have no unnecessary barriers to achieving this.
  • We need to do, learn, and iterate quickly to be effective at tackling complex problems in a rapidly changing world  
  • Always try to understand the difference we make in context, taking into account the work of other organisations and key indicators of disadvantage and inequity for young people.
    a group of young people involved in film-making

    News and blogs

    A fragile dried out petal protects a red berry, as it lays on green grass

    Our team

    A photograph captures the moment the cheque was handed over. In this image, representatives from HE Barnes and Sheffield Futures are standing on the dancefloor smiling at the camera, holding the giant cheque.

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