We’re here to help you plan your next steps.

We’ll guide you through your options, support you to explore career ideas and help you apply for apprenticeships, further or higher education.

If you’re in a school where we already work, you can speak to a fully qualified Sheffield Futures Careers Adviser. Ask your school’s Careers Lead or Head of Year to arrange an appointment or let you know about a drop-in session.

If you’re over 16 and not in education, employment or training – or worried that you might drop out of your course – our friendly and knowledgeable Employment Coaches can give the support you need to get you back on track.

If you’re a Careers Lead and want to find out more about our offer for schools, or access your free resources, please see our Careers Advice page.

How can a Careers Adviser help me?

Sheffield Futures Careers Advisers are independent and impartial. We never encourage people to pick a particular college, sixth form or career path. Together, we complete an Individual Development Plan, setting out your goals and giving you personalised links for further research.

We help you to:

Are we in your school?

If we work in your school, you can email your Careers Adviser directly.

Chapeltown Academy[email protected]
Handsworth Grange School[email protected]
High Storrs School[email protected]
Hinde House School[email protected]
Longley Park Sixth form college[email protected]
Newfield School[email protected]
Notre Dame High School[email protected]
Stocksbridge High School[email protected]
UTC Sheffield City Centre[email protected]
UTC Sheffield OLP[email protected]
Westfield Secondary School[email protected]
Yewlands Academy[email protected]

Useful websites

Our experienced Careers Advisors have compiled a list of useful websites to help get you started.

Free guidance and resource

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