Aleesha* had just completed 12 weeks of counselling with Door43 at Sheffield Futures when she was supported by one of our Social Prescribing team. She was familiar with being in Star House and had met some of our staff, so she felt safe with us.

The plan was to help Aleesha connect with services which would help her act as a carer to her dad. We began to do this, but very early into our sessions she was forced to leave home due to an incident.

Aleesha was supported by statutory housing and domestic abuse services. But Aleesha needed more than this to be able to navigate such a huge life change.

As well as practical guidance, we provided emotional support and highlighted other resources and services that could help her. Together, we created a personalised plan and new goals that she would like to achieve. We also made a plan for when she gets her council property in Sheffield.

“Aleesha needed flexible support at a difficult time in her life. Sheffield Futures social prescribing was just that; we changed our support in response to her needs and helped her to reprioritise her goals.”

Today, Aleesha says that she feels empowered and ready for this change due to this support and the counselling she had through Door43.

* This person’s name has been changed to protect their identity.

Eloise Georgiou, Social Prescribing Coordinator