Harry* entered the Feel Well, Work Well programme through a Job Fair held by the local Job Centre. He was unemployed, having finished his degree the year before but since struggled to find the motivation to look for work. 

At the time of our first meeting, Harry was also being supported by Door43 with some telephone support sessions as he was experiencing anxiety and low mood. He told me that he didn’t have any social interaction in his life, and this was having a negative impact on his motivation to look for work – he just didn’t know where to start. 

In our initial conversations, we discussed his Computer Science Degree. Harry opened up about how his mental health had deteriorated towards the end of his studies, which had coincided with the pandemic and subsequently increased his feelings of isolation and disengagement. 

As he was already engaged with Door 43, we agreed to arrange weekly appointments which would help build structure in his life and help him to engage with the service on a regular basis, getting him out and meeting new people. 

In these meetings, we have worked on building his confidence and identifying a career path. Harry has a desire to work in I.T. so I’ve been able to guide him to identify and understand job roles within this sector and look at what specific skills the employers are looking for. We worked together to identify I.T. companies to approach and developed Harry’s LinkedIn profile which will be great at attracting employers. 

By analysing his skills and abilities, we have helped Harry to build a great C.V – this has really helped him to realise how many positive attributes he has, which has nurtured a ‘Can do’ attitude. 

These sessions have also helped Harry by providing him with a listening ear, enabling him to express his thoughts and feelings. 

As a result of our time together, Harry told me that he feels so much better in himself. He now has the motivation to do things on his own, such as attend a local group where he can meet other people and share experiences. He recently completed a short I.T. refresher course and is actively job-seeking. 

As Harry’s Project Coach I have seen his confidence rocket. At our first meeting he was quite an introverted person and did not like to volunteer information – now he has such a positive outlook, speaks with confidence and is proud of his achievements.

*name has been changed for anonymity.